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Fact files: Floating Roof Storage Tank Seals

How are we nearly at the end of June already? This year has flown by, but as we are towards the end of the month, that can only mean one thing; the fact files are back! This month we will be looking at one of our new product ranges, the floating roof storage tank seals.… Continue reading Fact files: Floating Roof Storage Tank Seals

International Sushi Day

Every 18th of June is known as International Sushi Day. A celebration of one of the more unique cuisines that has spread around the globe. Sushi is slowly becoming one of the world’s most popular foods. Sushi sales had skyrocketed before COVID, but due to the pandemic those figures started to decline. However, it did… Continue reading International Sushi Day

What do EWFM supply for tankers?

EWFM has been supplying equipment suited for tankers for many years. Since the start our products, that are tanker compliant, have grown, which has led to three varying product ranges that are ideal solutions for different parts of tankers. Although there are different types of tankers, EWFM specialises in equipment designed for road and rail… Continue reading What do EWFM supply for tankers?

The Queens Platinum Jubilee

This coming weekend, the UK and the rest of the commonwealth will be celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Her majesty has been on the throne for 70 years. From the 2nd of June through to the 5th, events will be held up and down the UK and across the world to celebrate. From street parties… Continue reading The Queens Platinum Jubilee

Fact file: Access Systems

It’s back! It’s time for May’s edition of the Fact Files. Previously, we have looked at couplings, standard swivel joints, engineered swivel joints, storage tank equipment, and loading and unloading arms. This month we will be looking at our range of access systems. Since 2003, EWFM has been supplying access systems to a variety of… Continue reading Fact file: Access Systems

Introducing EWFM’s new website!

After months of hard work, EWFM is proud to introduce our new and improved website! Since the end of last year, the marketing team has been working on giving our customers the best experience possible. Although we loved our old website, we felt a new website was needed as the previous one had become outdated,… Continue reading Introducing EWFM’s new website!

You doughnut want to miss this blog

This week is National Doughnut Week. An event which is aimed at raising money for The Children’s Trust. From the 7th to the 15th of May businesses, including bakers, coffee shops, and offices around the UK are taking part and selling doughnuts to raise funds for the charity. The Children’s Trust is the UK’s leading… Continue reading You doughnut want to miss this blog

UKIFDA 2022 – Review

Last week, EWFM made its return to a trade show. Due to the pandemic over the last few years, exhibitions and trade shows have all been either cancelled or virtual. However, due to the easing of restrictions, UKIFDA was finally able to return to Liverpool to hold the UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA).… Continue reading UKIFDA 2022 – Review

Fun Thursday: EWFM Word Search

Who doesn’t love a word search? It’s the return of fun Thursdays. After we started off with the EWFM Wordle, we wanted to go back to a classic puzzle. This month’s brain teaser is a word search. The history of the classic wordsearch game is unclear, but according to various historians, the creator was Norman… Continue reading Fun Thursday: EWFM Word Search

Fact file: Loading and Unloading Arms

It’s time for April’s instalment of the fact files. Previously, we looked at a whole range of EWFM products, including couplings, standard swivel joints, engineered swivel joints, and storage tank equipment. This time we will be looking at our range of loading and unloading arms. Back when EWFM was founded in 2000, one of our… Continue reading Fact file: Loading and Unloading Arms

Easter Treats

This coming weekend is Easter Weekend. Good Friday is the day when Jesus was crucified, and then on Easter Sunday is when he was resurrected. For many, it is a religious weekend, but since the turn of the century, it has become a commercialised event for companies to try and sell as many Easter eggs… Continue reading Easter Treats

Come fly with EWFM

The aviation industry is at an all-time high due to the relaxation of the COVID-19 rules and regulations, particularly in the United Kingdom. Over the past couple of years, the airline industry has suffered due to the pandemic, as most people were either not allowed to travel or didn’t want to because of the procedures… Continue reading Come fly with EWFM

Fact file: Storage Tank Equipment

In the third instalment of the fact file series, we will be looking more in depth at our range of storage tank equipment. This includes single-arm and double-arm variations of our Floating Suction Units, as well as an articulated roof drain.   Single and Double Arm Floating Suction Unit: The main purpose of a floating… Continue reading Fact file: Storage Tank Equipment

Home-Start: Strictly for Charity

Home-start is a local community network of trained volunteers and expert support, with an aim to see a society in which every local parent has the support needed to give their children the best possible start in life; because childhood can’t wait.   The years between birth and school are vital for a child’s development. Children who are… Continue reading Home-Start: Strictly for Charity

International Women’s Day

This past Tuesday was International Women’s Day. A day where people across the world come together to celebrate women, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality. International Women’s Day originated in 1909 in America, but since then it has spread across the globe, which now sees everyone come together on March the 8th… Continue reading International Women’s Day

Shrove Tuesday – A flipping great day

We have just had Shrove Tuesday, or to others, Mardi Gras, or Pancake Day. It is a Christian feast day where people use up food that they can’t eat during Lent such as eggs, fat, and milk, hence pancakes. We all know the common ingredients that go into a classic pancake, but we wanted to… Continue reading Shrove Tuesday – A flipping great day

Fun Thursday: EWFM Wordle

Wordle has taken the world by storm these past few months, with an estimated 2 million users guessing the 5-letter word daily. And here at EWFM, we thought, what better way to start our bimonthly Fun Thursdays than by playing the biggest game in the world right now? Fun Thursdays will feature an interactive game,… Continue reading Fun Thursday: EWFM Wordle

Fact file: Engineered Swivel Joints

In this second edition of the EWFM fact file, we will be looking at our range of Engineered Swivel Joints. Similar in its purpose to our standard swivel joints, it allows a pipe to articulate or a hose to rotate. Which in turn leads to preventing damage. A torn hose or broken pipework will generally… Continue reading Fact file: Engineered Swivel Joints

Winter Olympics 2022

The 2022 Winter Olympics has been going now for the just under a week and the less said about Great Britain’s medal tally at this current time, the better. A lot of questions have been asked around the world as to why Beijing won the bid for this years Winter Olympics because of the weather… Continue reading Winter Olympics 2022

Case Study: Large Bore Hose Reel Swivel Joints

Imagine your garden hose on a reel but enlarge it by 100 times.  As pictured above this reel is situated on the stern of a boat offshore. These hose reels are used for safe loading and offloading both onshore and offshore.  The medias they transfer can vary tremendously these however can include fluids such as… Continue reading Case Study: Large Bore Hose Reel Swivel Joints

Fact File: EWFM Standard Swivel Joints

Standard Swivel Joints, one of EWFM’s most popular products, are essential for relieving torsion and stress on pipe and hose.  A Swivel Joint allows a pipe to articulate or a hose to rotate which in turn leads to preventing damage.  A torn hose or broken pipework generally results in costly downtime or even worst harm… Continue reading Fact File: EWFM Standard Swivel Joints

Avoiding those Monday Blues

Blue Monday is every year on the third Monday of January. Since 2005 this day has been said to be the most depressing day of the year due to the numerous factors that can have an effect on people’s lives. This past week, the day divided a lot of opinions on whether it was a… Continue reading Avoiding those Monday Blues

2021: A look back at the year

2021 was a very exciting year for EWFM. After lockdowns in 2020 and early 2021, things were looking up for the rest of 2021. We returned to the office full time, were able to conduct visits nationally and internationally, visited a trade show, and added a new member to the marketing team – Ben. Recently,… Continue reading 2021: A look back at the year

What’s to come in 2022?

It’s the start of a 2022, which can only mean one thing. Most people set resolutions and goals for the year ahead which they achieve in the early months but eventually forget about for the rest of the year. EWFM has certainly set goals for the year, and we intend on reaching them!   History… Continue reading What’s to come in 2022?

Q&A: Meet the Team – Christmas Edition

It’s Q&A time! but this time around it has a Christmas twist to it. In the past few months Q&A with a member of the EWFM team. This month we interviewed the Marketing and Admin Assistant, Anne Jones.   Tell us a bit about yourself: Well, I would like to say that I’m tall, blond,… Continue reading Q&A: Meet the Team – Christmas Edition

Christmas Quiz 2021

Who doesn’t love a Christmas Quiz! Over the past few year’s quizzes have become very popular. This year EWFM have decided to jump on the bandwagon and do our own. All you must do is get all 10 Christmas Questions correct to be entered into a competition to win yourself a Christmas Treat! For the… Continue reading Christmas Quiz 2021

Movember 2021: What we did and how much we raised

Throughout November, three members of the EWFM team have been taking part in Movember. Movember is the leading charity that is changing the face of men’s health. It started in Australia in 2003 when two friends got 30 mates to take up the challenge. It has since expanded on a global scale, with over 6… Continue reading Movember 2021: What we did and how much we raised

Black Friday: Fill up your basket before its gone

The last Friday of November is commonly known as Black Friday. It is an American sales day that is usually regarded as the start of the holiday shopping season. However, in recent years, more and more countries have started to incorporate this day into their calendars. Within each country, there will be millions of businesses… Continue reading Black Friday: Fill up your basket before its gone

Fact File: Coupling

Couplings, an essential for ensuring a quick and dry connection and disconnection. EWFM have been offering an extensive range of couplings to ensure we cater to a variety of industries globally. In the past we have sold this product to companies in oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, aviation and many more. The design of our… Continue reading Fact File: Coupling

Remembrance Day: A time to reflect

Remembrance Day, also known as Armistice Day, is a commemorative day observed by Commonwealth countries to remember the men and women who died in the line of duty. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, a two-minute silence is held in memory of those we have lost during the two… Continue reading Remembrance Day: A time to reflect

What’s in your Firework?

The 5th of November, or fireworks night as it is commonly known in the UK, is a celebration of the anniversary of the failed gunpowder plot in 1605. The plan was to kill King James 1st for his refusal to grant Catholics more freedom. Guy Fawkes was found guarding the gunpowder placed underneath the Houses… Continue reading What’s in your Firework?

Case Study: Pneumatic Step Unit

We recently supplied a new MK5 (5 step) Pneumatic Step Unit to an existing customer to allow them to drop down on top of tankers for sampling and inspections. They approached us because they had been so impressed with how previously supplied manual units have worked and are still working. We received the enquiry originally… Continue reading Case Study: Pneumatic Step Unit

NEW PRODUCT ALERT: The Mobile Step Unit

This week see’s the introduction of The Mobile Step Unit, a fantastic new product to add to EWFM’s access systems range.  Why the Mobile Step Unit? An excellent question.  We needed a solution when the space available is at a premium and where a fixed unit would not be viable.  The idea for a Mobile… Continue reading NEW PRODUCT ALERT: The Mobile Step Unit

PPMA Show 2021 Review

The first PPMA show since the pandemic began on the 21st of September 2021. For many it was a return to normality as it was the first trade show in the processing and packaging machinery industry to open its doors again . It was also another first for a member of the EWFM team, Ben… Continue reading PPMA Show 2021 Review

Q&A: Meet the team

It’s Q&A time. It’s the return of the monthly Q&A with a member of the EWFM team. This months is with the Marketing Assistant, Ben Adamson.   Tell us a bit about yourself: I’m 23 year old from East Hertfordshire. From 2017 to 2020 I studied for a marketing degree at the University of Kent… Continue reading Q&A: Meet the team

International week of happiness at work

The International week of happiness at work commenced this week. It is where companies around the world come together and discuss ways in which they can make their employees happy. As well as that, it is the opportunity for companies to have speakers and complete challenges that can boost morale in the office environment. According to… Continue reading International week of happiness at work

Inventions that changed industries

Where would we be without inventions? Bill Gates, Tim Berners-Lee, James Dyson and Steve Jobs. These are just a few of the names of some of the greatest inventors. On this day in 1997, Steve Jobs was appointed CEO of Apple. It was a change that the company needed, as they were slowly falling in… Continue reading Inventions that changed industries

How has the pandemic changed the way we work?

The pandemic has changed the way we live and how we work. Before coronavirus, the streets of cities across the UK and the world were packed full of workers. That has now changed for many. For many companies it will have been a struggle to decide whether to open their offices or not, due to… Continue reading How has the pandemic changed the way we work?

Q&A: Meet the team

Today we are returning to the monthly Q&A with a member of the EWFM team. This months Q&A, I interviewed Mike Phillips, who is the Business Development Manager.   Tell us a bit about yourself: I recently turned 40 and have a great family. My wife and children are everything to me and I love… Continue reading Q&A: Meet the team

Social Media: The Evolution of Marketing Content

Social media has become one of the most important components for marketing in recent years. Originally, companies used television, print and radio advertisement to sell their products or service. When it first came about, it was merely a tool that connected friends and family. Now, it is a key marketing device for businesses around the… Continue reading Social Media: The Evolution of Marketing Content

Fans and the football are back!

It’s been a long wait for some football fans. 18 months of sitting behind the TV and watching your favourite football team just isn’t the same. However, the Premier League finally returned this past weekend and it was also the homecoming for fans across the country. You could see the happiness on their faces as… Continue reading Fans and the football are back!

108 Years of Stainless Steel

It’s Friday the 13th, some would say unlucky for some.  However, Friday the 13th this year marks a special occasion for EWFM and the steel industry.  On this day 108 years ago in 1913 a Mr Harry Brearley invented Stainless Steel.   The emergence of Stainless Steel: At this time Brearley was actually investigating new… Continue reading 108 Years of Stainless Steel

Q&A: Meet the team

In today’s blog we will be doing a Q&A with a member of the EWFM team to ask them personal questions, about their time with the company and what their role entails. This will be a monthly blog which will give you an in-depth sight into how EWFM is run and the people behind it.… Continue reading Q&A: Meet the team

Tokyo Olympics 2022

The Tokyo Olympics will be like no other since the games started, with a very limited attendance being able to attend the games due to the pandemic. However, on Friday Japan showed that they won’t let the lack of fans and current world affairs spoil the event as they put on an incredible opening ceremony… Continue reading Tokyo Olympics 2022

Freedom day has arrived!

Monday 19th July 2021 marked the final stage of the UK Governments road map out of the national lockdown, also known as ‘Freedom Day’. After a tough 18 months it is the light at the end of the tunnel that many have been waiting for especially businesses around the UK. Personal health and safety has… Continue reading Freedom day has arrived!

National Beer Day

Did you know that the UK celebrated its National Beer Day this week?  This is an annual celebration held on 15th June each year and it celebrates all beer including traditional ales, mainstream lagers, and limited edition craft beer and everything in between no matter where it is brewed or who owns the brewing company.… Continue reading National Beer Day

Do you have a safety concern?

Do you have a safety issue on your site?  Are you unsure what to do?  Then our next instalment on keeping our customers safe when working at heights will be of interest to you.  Previously we discussed our Folding Step Units, however, this time we are looking at our Gantry Stands and Safe Access Platforms.  They… Continue reading Do you have a safety concern?

Opening Up

England entered a national lockdown in December last year.  Since then, the Covid situation has improved drastically with the vaccination roll out booming.  Boris then laid out small steps on a plan to freedom.  The latest of these stages was just over a week ago.  England are now aloud to eat and drink inside with… Continue reading Opening Up

Keep in Touch

Being able to communicate well is probably the best skill we can have both in our personal and our work life.  It helps us understand the opinions, feelings and ideas of friends and colleagues.  As a life skill it is an important tool in achieving and maintaining strong and lasting relationships with those around us.… Continue reading Keep in Touch

FAQ about our Filling and Emptying Equipment

We are now onto our 5th Episode of Frequently Asked Questions.  Today I will be answering those on our Filling an Emptying Equipment.  We have two main products in this area, our Engineered Delivery Nozzles and our Drum Filling Head.  To avoid confusion I will be answering 5 questions about both. Without further ado I… Continue reading FAQ about our Filling and Emptying Equipment

EWFM helping to recycle

The amount of global waste is growing year on year and it’s estimated it could grow by a further 70% over the next 30 years to 3.4 billion metric tonnes by 2050. In the UK alone it is estimated that every household produces over a tonne of waste each year meaning in the UK that… Continue reading EWFM helping to recycle

Spring is here

Spring is here, get out and enjoy these first days, look out for:- The first bees emerging and the birds singing The snowdrops followed by the daffodils and tulips The trees budding with catkins and blossom Have you heard the first cuckoo yet? The long nights of winter have gone, it’s over a year since… Continue reading Spring is here

Keeping our customer safe at heights

At EWFM we are proud to supply a great range of Access Systems that are designed to keep your staff and operators safe when working from height.  These include Folding & Mobile Step Units, Folding Platforms and Gantries.  All of our units are manufactured here in the UK, from galvanised mild steel to BS 729,… Continue reading Keeping our customer safe at heights

Don’t forget Mother’s Day

This Sunday in the UK some would say is the most important day of the year.  It’s the day we celebrate and honour our lovely mothers. In the modern day we all spoil our mums with meals, gifts and flowers.  So much in fact that Mother’s Day is normally the busiest day for restaurants and… Continue reading Don’t forget Mother’s Day

World Book Day

World Book Day, created by UNESCO in 1995, is a worldwide celebration of books and reading. With their mission to promote reading for pleasure, it is marked in over 100 countries around the globe, offering every child and young person the opportunity to have a book of their own.  Reading for pleasure is the single biggest… Continue reading World Book Day

Do you need a quick and safe release?

We’ve been in lockdown for a large chunk of this year and with all the restrictions imposed, it hasn’t been easy for any of us. This lockdown has been hard, probably because we have been in winter, unlike the first time around when we could sit in our gardens, walk in the park and generally… Continue reading Do you need a quick and safe release?


Valentine’s day – a day where people worldwide traditionally come together to show their affection for each other by sending cards, flowers, gifts or chocolates with messages of love. These traditions have evolved a lot over the years. From the Middle Ages when people started exchanging handmade cards with love notes inside, to today, where… Continue reading Together

A Swivel for a Tight Spot

Are you looking to relieve stress and torsion in hose or pipework but are struggling in a tight spot? Look no further, we offer the Compact Swivel Joint. Our Compact Swivel joint has what we believe to be the smallest flange to flange face dimension in the market. It is perfect where room is limited… Continue reading A Swivel for a Tight Spot

Festival of Light

Festival of Light celebrations are held in many cultures with probably the most well-known being Diwali which originated in India. Other examples include Hanukkah, Aomori Nebuta Matsuri in Japan, Chinese Lunar Year and Lunar Festival and Candlemas. Candlemas, held on the 2nd February each year is celebrated in many countries across the world with feasts… Continue reading Festival of Light

Burns Night

Today, many Scotish people will be celebrating Burns Night, after Robert (Rabbie) Burns, who is widely regarded to be the National Poet of Scotland.  Burns night has been celebrated now for over 200 years having originally been marked in 1801 when nine of Robert Burns’ closest friends got together to mark the fifth anniversary of… Continue reading Burns Night

New Years Resolutions

A New Year’s resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western World but also found in the East, in which a person resolves to improve their life at the start of a new year; continue good practices, change an undesired trait or behaviour or accomplish a personal goal. The origin of making New Year’s resolutions… Continue reading New Years Resolutions

2021…It can only get better

I don’t think anyone could have predicted 2020.  A year initially planned for many major events including the European Football Championships and the Olympics, all taken away from us because of one aggressive virus. The pandemic COVID-19 has ruled 2020 as many countries across the globe have had to fight to keep it under control. … Continue reading 2021…It can only get better

Happy Holidays

At EWFM we would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. Whether you are on your own or celebrating with family and friends we hope everyone keeps well this Holiday Season. Thank you for your continued support throughout this difficult year and we look forward to working with you all in… Continue reading Happy Holidays

Keep Warm This Winter

We are fast approaching the coldest months of the year here in the UK.  We’ve already witnessed our first frosts of the year and bobble hats are becoming a much more frequent sight.  This then begs the question of what will you do to keep warm this winter?  I know I’ll be hoping for a… Continue reading Keep Warm This Winter

Frequently asked questions about our Folding Step Units

The next blog in our popular series of Frequently Asked Questions is all about our Folding Step Units. They are part of our great range of Access Systems which are designed to provide safety for your drivers and operators; Folding Platforms and Gantries are also included in this range. However, by far the most common… Continue reading Frequently asked questions about our Folding Step Units

Slovenian Case Study

We would like to share you with you a new interesting application for which we supplied Swivel Joints at the peak of the Pandemic earlier on in the year. The enquiry was taken over the phone and was to supply 3 x DN65 Swivel Joints for a ‘Clean In Place (CIP)’ Hygienic Application in Slovenia. … Continue reading Slovenian Case Study

What does reliability mean to you?

Is it expectations are met or exceeded; Having faith in the products you are purchasing; or Knowing that what you have purchased will do the job and not give up on you in a short space of time. At EWFM you can rely on us to deliver on all three of these. We know our… Continue reading What does reliability mean to you?

Fireworks Night

Also known as The Gunpowder Plot and named after Guy Fawkes who, because of his military experience, was put in charge of the explosives. We have a small connection to the Gunpowder Plot in that the offices of EWFM happen to be located in the Stables of the Hunting Lodge of King James 1. The… Continue reading Fireworks Night

EWFM’s Halloween Tree

Being it’s Halloween we’ve decided to talk about the fears and scares we face in the industry.  We’ve kept it light-hearted but hope to have given you some ideas to improve your processes.   Horrifying Hose We’ve all heard of splitting hoses causing, loss of product, damage and harm to operators.  Don’t be horrified, EWFM provide… Continue reading EWFM’s Halloween Tree

Swivel Joints supporting the Farming Industry

12 months ago, we were approached to supply cost effective but high-quality swivel joints to a leading company in the United States of Livestock Manure Handling Equipment. The swivel joints would be used on their liquid manure injection toolbars. These toolbars allow for efficient top-dressing application, splash / incorporation, or deep till injection of liquid… Continue reading Swivel Joints supporting the Farming Industry

Columbus Day 2020

On 12th October 1492 Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas. Looking for a faster route to the Far East, he set sail across the Atlantic Ocean landing in the New World after approximately three months. Could you imagine the world today if it still took three months to get items across the Atlantic Ocean? Fortunately,… Continue reading Columbus Day 2020

Top Tips for Top Filling

With the HSE officer becoming more and more stringent on operator well being and safety, today more than ever, we need to ensure we are prepared. In this short “Top Tips” guide, I am going to advise what equipment EWFM has to offer to help working from heights.   Gantry Stands  First things first, how… Continue reading Top Tips for Top Filling

Frequently Asked Questions About our Loading Arms

The next blog in the chapter of our Frequently Asked Questions is all about our great range of Loading Arms What can you use your Loading Arms for? Typically, our Loading Arms are used for loading and unloading road and rail tankers as well as IBC’s. With over 20,000 arms manufactured since 1965 these arms… Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions About our Loading Arms

EWFM Celebrate 20 Years

Coinciding with the start of a new millennium, EWFM came into operation. During the last 20 years we have seen many changes in the economy and how we, as a country and a company, operate. In 2000 we entered a tough market, initially selling products for the transfer of fuel, we were immediately faced with… Continue reading EWFM Celebrate 20 Years

EWFM Virtual Exhibition 2020

2020 has so far been a year like no other.  Unfortunately, Corona Virus has caused worldwide chaos and sadness.  We must however fight on and overcome this virus. Like many companies EWFM was scheduled to take part in a number of Exhibitions this year which, for everyone’s safety, have been cancelled.  One of these was… Continue reading EWFM Virtual Exhibition 2020

2020, The story so far and what is still to come…

2020 has been a year like no other. From Brexit to the global pandemic there have been many challenges that we have all had to face. With potential second waves of Covid-19 as well as political and economic uncertainties in many countries worldwide there are sure to be many more challenges yet to come. Now,… Continue reading 2020, The story so far and what is still to come…

Left Handers Day

On Thursday 13th August 2020, the 30th annual left handers day takes place. A day to tell everyone how proud you are of being left-handed and, as we live in a world designed for right-handers, help raise awareness of the everyday issues that lefties face, including: Using scissors Use of spiral notebooks Playing musical instruments… Continue reading Left Handers Day

Frequently Asked Questions About Floating Suction Units

Our next blog in the chapter of Frequently Asked Questions is all about Floating Suction Units.   What Size are your Floating Suction Units? We have 2 main ranges.  Our standard design which ranges from 2” -12”, these are generally on fast deliveries.  Our large bore design then goes from 14” and can go up… Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions About Floating Suction Units

29 IN A ROW! ISO 9001-2015

EWFM have successfully passed their 29th Quality Audit, again in flying colours with no major or minor non conformance’s.  SGS took the Audit and confirmed we comply to the ISO 9001-2015 Quality Standard. Unlike other years, due to COVID-19, the audit was done remotely.  This meant various conference calls and file transfers throughout the day. … Continue reading 29 IN A ROW! ISO 9001-2015

What our customers are saying about us

Over the last 20 years at EWFM we have taken the time to get to know, listen to and understand what our customers are saying about us.  We want to ensure we are providing the best experience  and see this as a critical step for our business to build trust and create successful long-term relationships.… Continue reading What our customers are saying about us

Happy 4th of July

The 4th of July, Independence Day, a day deep in history that traditionally sees many Americans celebrating with fireworks, parades, barbecues, and family reunions.  The day on which the anniversary of American Independence from Great Britain and the birth of the United States of America is celebrated. This year however, the 4th July will also… Continue reading Happy 4th of July

EWFM supporting Airfields & the Aviation Industry

Despite Covid 19 still impacting globally, easing of lockdown restrictions have seen various member states in Europe open their arms in welcoming holidaymakers to their shores. Flights to popular holiday destinations are now running on a daily basis from Britain, and tourism is back on the economic agenda.  Although the way we as passengers use… Continue reading EWFM supporting Airfields & the Aviation Industry

Happy Father’s Day

For over 100 years Father’s Day is a day that has been celebrated by families all over the world as a way of honouring fatherhood and paternal bonds.  In many countries, including here in the UK, across Europe, Asia, and North America the day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June each year. This… Continue reading Happy Father’s Day

The extreme uses of EWFM Swivel Joints

Our customer base spreads across numerous industries all over the world. The fact that that our products were being used in such diverse and extreme ways has meant we have had to develop our product range and business to ensure we have the ability and knowledge to support our customers. The extensive range of our… Continue reading The extreme uses of EWFM Swivel Joints

Frequently Asked Questions About Swivel Joints

Today I will be answering some of our frequently asked questions about Swivel Joints.   What Size are your Swivel Joints? Our smallest size is ½” but we have machining capabilities to offer up to a 72” bore.  Of course, any size in between this is also available.  Our standard designs range from ½” to… Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions About Swivel Joints

Dry Disconnect Coupling

Our Dry Disconnect Coupling is the perfect solution if you want to ensure a quick, dry, and safe connection.  As a master distributor for Mann Tek our range of Dry Disconnect Couplings are suited for most industries and medias and over the years, we have supplied many units to numerous locations worldwide. Available as a… Continue reading Dry Disconnect Coupling

Back to work

As lockdown restrictions begin to be eased by many Governments across the world, businesses and individuals are now planning how to return to work. At EWFM our principles and activities will not change.  We will continue to be available to support both our existing and new customers as we have done both before and throughout… Continue reading Back to work

Loading Arms of the highest quality

Can you answer any of the following questions? Do you load or unload road & rail tankers or trucks? Do you fill or empty storage tanks and IBC’s? Have you recently reviewed or are you planning to review your existing setup? Are you looking to introduce loading arms to your site for the very first… Continue reading Loading Arms of the highest quality

A shared moment of celebration

On the 8th May 1945 millions of people around the world celebrated the end of The Second World War in Europe. People took to the streets of towns and cities, bonfires were lit, and street parties with singing and dancing were held. However, this was not the end of the war with Japan which continued… Continue reading A shared moment of celebration

Engineered Delivery Nozzles

The range of Engineered Delivery Nozzles available from EWFM have been the perfect solution for companies for many years, and we are currently supporting numerous Industries worldwide including Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food Manufacturing and Distilling. The nozzles are suitable for use with a range of liquids, gases, and chemicals, from hydrochloric acid to egg custard. They… Continue reading Engineered Delivery Nozzles

10 Top Tips for Working From Home

Recent events have forced many of us to a working from home (WFH) environment.  Like me, for many, it is their first time in this situation.  I am not going to lie, at first, everything seemed very ominous.  EWFM’s systems were not initially set up for a WFH environment.  However, with the ever-growing technologies in… Continue reading 10 Top Tips for Working From Home

Happy St. George’s Day

On or around the 23rd of April each year, England and countries worldwide celebrate St. George’s Day. This day is the embodiment of good versus evil, in the case of St. George, of killing a dragon and saving a princess.  Never has this aged tale been more applicable to the current climate, when at 8… Continue reading Happy St. George’s Day

Are you blue sky thinking?

Great things can happen whilst in lockdown – in 1665 when “working from home” at Woolsthorpe to escape the plague affecting Cambridge, Isaac Newton had the time and space to develop his theories on calculus, optics and the laws of motion and gravity.  What will you do?  Are you blue sky thinking? At EWFM we… Continue reading Are you blue sky thinking?

Happy Easter

The name Easter is believed to come from an Old English word Eostre, who was believed to be a goddess of spring and rebirth. It is the time of year that millions of people around the world come together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ following his crucifixion and burial by the Romans. Celebrations… Continue reading Happy Easter

Open for Business

Many industries worldwide have closed their doors due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, however there are still some that are open for business and providing essential / vital works for individuals and businesses both locally and internationally. These include: Pharmaceutical Chemical Food, Distilling & Brewing At EWFM we are open and currently able to support these… Continue reading Open for Business


As home working for many starts to become the new norm, many people around the world are adapting and continuing to come to terms with the new way of working that the Covid-19 Pandemic has brought. These dark and difficult times are bringing many challenges for all of us but we are seeing many business… Continue reading Adapting….


We wanted to keep in touch with everyone during this difficult and unprecedented event and to reassure you that we are doing all we can to keep business as usual. We are fully functional and delivering goods worldwide, and see no reason for it to change. Contingencies have been put in place for our staff… Continue reading EWFM COVID-19 UPDATE

Long Term Customer Relationships

At EWFM we believe the key to achieving long term customer relationships is down to 2 main things: Quality of our service Quality of our products We pride ourselves on both of these and they have been clearly on display with one of our major customers here in the UK.  From originally supplying to only… Continue reading Long Term Customer Relationships

What are you giving up for Lent?

Today is Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, the traditional feast day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday.  Celebrated worldwide, It’s date is determined by Easter, and falls exactly 47 days before Easter Sunday. Traditionally, at the start of Lent we would be expected to try to give up something we enjoy as it… Continue reading What are you giving up for Lent?

It’s the thought that counts!

Although everyday should be a day you show love and care to your other half, we are approaching the special day when this is celebrated across the globe; Valentine’s Day.  On this day very often both parties show their love by exchanging gifts or doing something memorable:- A box of chocolates A teddy Bear A… Continue reading It’s the thought that counts!

Brexit – We Can Reassure You

It’s the first week back at work after Brexit and we want to provide a message to reassure our current and potential customers that we have everything under control. Before Brexit many people were asking “what will happen after Brexit?” and “what will change?”, obviously looking for reassurance. We can’t, of course, say nothing will… Continue reading Brexit – We Can Reassure You

A New Year – A New Decade – New Possibilities

Well what can we say about 2019! I think we can safely state that Brexit impacted the UK for the majority of the year. It affected the value of the pound, caused a leadership battle within the conservative party resulting in a new leader and their subsequent re-election in December. Climate change and global warming… Continue reading A New Year – A New Decade – New Possibilities

Countdown to Christmas

It is the start of December and the countdown to Christmas has begun, decorations are already up and a few doors on the advent calendar have opened.  Christmas is the time to spread joy to everyone; this doesn’t mean just your children or mother in law but should also include your colleagues and peers.  This… Continue reading Countdown to Christmas

Black Friday 2019

Today on this fourth Thursday of the month of November our American friends and family celebrate Thanksgiving, a traditional and national holiday when time is spent celebrating with friends and family. Tomorrow, the 29th November, we will wake up to one of the more modern traditions conceived in the U.S. namely Black Friday, when the… Continue reading Black Friday 2019

Remember Remember, Health & Safety

Remember remember the 5th of November – we all know the story of Guy Fawkes and the night he attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Many of us will be heading off celebrating tonight to local Fireworks Events with our friends and families.  First started when joyful Londoners lit bonfires in thanksgiving that… Continue reading Remember Remember, Health & Safety

Happy Halloween 2019

Tonight’s the night!  It’s time to get dressed up in your scary costumes, its time to carve your pumpkins, it’s time to get spooky because its Halloween. Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October in many parts of the world.  Some get into it more than others (Did you know one quarter of all… Continue reading Happy Halloween 2019

Changing of the Season

It is now the time of year where we see communities celebrate Harvest Festival, an annual celebration that occurs around the time of the main harvest of a given region.  Given the differences in climate and crops around the world, harvest festivals can be found at various times in different places. Here in Britain, this… Continue reading Changing of the Season

Tank Storage Association Expo Review

Last week we exhibited at the Tank Storage Association 2019 Expo in Coventry. The UK’s leading event for the bulk liquid storage sector that brings together, for one day, teams and individuals in the Industry from across Europe The venue worked well, was easy to get to and all the stands looked professional and welcoming. … Continue reading Tank Storage Association Expo Review

TSA Exhibition and Conference 2019

The Tank Storage Association (TSA) Exhibition and Conference is almost upon us.  It will be taking place next week on the 26th of September at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.  The event gives you a great opportunity to listen to industry experts within the bulk liquid storage sector.  It also gives you the opportunity to… Continue reading TSA Exhibition and Conference 2019

Keeping Aircraft in the Sky

It is that time of year again when our seaside resorts host an Airshow to entertain and delight aircraft enthusiasts and tourists as well as boosting the local economy.  With around 30 Airshows (and Flypasts) in the UK each year and many more around the world their popularity is growing. The Red Arrows; everyone’s favourite… Continue reading Keeping Aircraft in the Sky

Helping you have a safe break

Do you load / unload from tankers & IBC’s? Do you want to keep your staff, contractors, site, equipment and environment safe? At EWFM we have the perfect solution for you – our range of Couplings that will allow you to have a safe break. As a master distributor for Mann Tek we have suitable… Continue reading Helping you have a safe break


The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is the oldest and most prestigious Tennis Tournament in the world and one of our Countries oldest traditions. It is watched the world over and is the only Grand Slam Tennis Tournament that still plays on Grass. One of the greatest traditions of Wimbledon is the all-white attire that every player… Continue reading Traditions

The First Day of Summer 2019

With the on and off weather experienced over the past few weeks, many of us are asking, ‘has summer begun yet?’  By meteorological definition, it did in fact start on June 1st (did you miss it?) Astronomically however, the definition of the first day of summer is based on the Earth’s axis and how it… Continue reading The First Day of Summer 2019

Celebrating No 28! ISO 9001-2015

This week we successfully completed our 28th consecutive audit for the ISO 9001-2015 Quality Standard.  Again, with no major or minor non-conformance’s. This is a fantastic job by everyone in our great team and reflects the incredible effort that goes in on a daily basis to try and ensure the very best for our customers… Continue reading Celebrating No 28! ISO 9001-2015

Introducing the Evotek Coupling

EWFM now have a new generation of coupling to compliment their already extensive range of products. The Dry Evotek Coupling, has been specifically designed for use within the chemical industry. Ergonomically designed the external cam curve allows coupling against pressure. To open the valves the couplings need to rotate 120 degrees clockwise. The high engagement… Continue reading Introducing the Evotek Coupling


Organised by liquid fuels trade association The Federation of Petroleum Suppliers, The FPS Expo hosted its 39th show in Liverpool last week. Bringing together more than 100 exhibitors and attracting a worldwide audience of thousands it is the leading event for the liquid fuels distribution industry in the UK and Ireland. EWFM attended the Expo… Continue reading FPS EXPO 2019

How to change the seals on our standard model 2175 Swivel Joint

Changing the seals in a model 2175 swivel joint is not as hard to do as you may think and you don’t necessarily have to be an engineer to do it. It is a quick and cost effective exercise and prolongs the swivel life for a small outlay.   Start with disassembling the swivel joint… Continue reading How to change the seals on our standard model 2175 Swivel Joint

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

The phrase is generations old and basically means do not put all your trust in one idea or plan for success. With Easter just round the corner, we have decided not to write about bunnies and chocolate, but a blog discussing trust. All companies prosper based on the effectiveness of their customer and supplier relationships.… Continue reading Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Stoc Expo 2019

Last week EWFM attended the 15th Anniversary of Stoc Expo 2019 in Rotterdam, the leading event for the Bulk Liquid Storage Sector. The Expo, promoting products that allow Tank Storage Facilities to run safely, efficiently, and with minimal impact on the environment, was well attended with some great exhibitions and inspiring talks In the bustling… Continue reading Stoc Expo 2019

St. Patricks 2019

St. Patricks 2019 has past, silly hats were worn, too much Guinness was consumed and the dancing was crazy. But what was is it all about?  The day commemorates St Patrick and the arrival of Christianity into Ireland. So why are we at EWFM now writing a blog entitled St. Patricks day? Well unbeknown to you… Continue reading St. Patricks 2019

Subsea Expo 2019

At the start of February EWFM attended the Subsea Expo 2019 in Aberdeen. The Expo, the largest Subsea Expo in the world had over 6500 visitors from all corners of the world – a 30% increase from 2018.  Along with over 170 exhibitors this was a record breaking year and an exciting Expo. The impact… Continue reading Subsea Expo 2019

Conscious Uncoupling

Bucking the trend of lovey dovey schmaltz on this, the most ‘loved up’ day of the year, we would like to discuss the benefits of conscious uncoupling. No, we are not encouraging you to break someone’s heart, but to make the decision to use a product guaranteeing the highest level of safety and the quickest… Continue reading Conscious Uncoupling

Wrap up and try to keep warm

The snow is starting to settle and temperatures are plummeting, it’s time to wrap up and try to keep warm. This is the case for many people but did you know many fluids must also follow this guidance.  EWFM provide loading arms for filling road or rail tankers with hot products. These are perfect solutions… Continue reading Wrap up and try to keep warm


For the last decade EW Fuel Management has been supplying Subsea Swivels worldwide. The picture below shows an 18” subsea swivel deployed in the Atlantic Ocean off Brazil, to be used 3,000m below sea level with an operating pressure of 5,000 psi. Our swivels are used to relieve stress and torque from pipework during the… Continue reading STAY STRESS FREE SUBSEA

Happy New Year 2019

As we enter 2019 it gives us time to reflect on the past 12 months. We faced the ‘beast from the east’ at the start of the year not once but twice. To boost the U.S steel industry, President Trump introduced legislation effecting exports/imports into the USA, and added to this, there has been the… Continue reading Happy New Year 2019

EWFM Supporting LNG Market

Liquefaction is the cooling of gases to its liquid state – this is done using cryogenics at very low temperatures normally anything below −150 °C (−238 °F). The most important commercial application of cryogenic gas liquefaction techniques is the storage and transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG). In its liquid form, LNG occupies about 600 times less space than as a gas… Continue reading EWFM Supporting LNG Market

API Couplers

API Couplers used for bottom loading and un-loading of petroleum tankers have been industry standard for connecting and dis-engaging from tanker filling adaptors since the mid 1970’s. EWFM can offer two options of API Couplers, both of which are designed and manufactured to fully meet API RP1004 specification:- API Liquid Coupler – Model 3659 API Vapour… Continue reading API Couplers

Standard Large Bore Swivels

High quality with quick lead times at an affordable price! EWFM now supply an extensive range of standard large bore Swivels. They are perfect for applications where the Swivel effectively isn’t subject to excessive loads, pressures or temperatures. Some perfect examples of these include Marine Loading Arms, Floating Suction Units and Hose Reels. Machined out… Continue reading Standard Large Bore Swivels

EWFM successfully transition to ISO 9001-2015

We are proud to confirm that we have successfully completed our 27th consecutive ISO audit and have now transitioned to the ISO 9001-2015 quality standard. A great achievement, which recognises the hard work and effort all members of staff put in to ensure our customers get the very best service. Whatever your requirement, our proven track record… Continue reading EWFM successfully transition to ISO 9001-2015

20” Marine Swivel for Southeast Asia

Recently despatched to Singapore for a UK based customer, this 20” Style 20 Carbon Steel Marine Swivel Joint with ANSI 300 RF Flanges is to be installed onto a large scale fluid transfer system. Supporting the offshore oil & gas and marine industries, these engineered products can be used on fixed platforms, jack-up rigs, drill… Continue reading 20” Marine Swivel for Southeast Asia

EWFM supply a timely solution for bottom loading road tankers

In the 2nd half of 2017 we were invited by an existing customer In the UK to help them with supplying a new solution for bottom loading road tankers. After discussing various options with the customer, who were originally looking for a ”counter balance” arm, we recommended a spring balance cylinder arm as they tend to provide… Continue reading EWFM supply a timely solution for bottom loading road tankers

Nozzle Solutions

At EWFM we used to only sell nozzles to the MOD (The G180 and G457. They were used for refuelling helicopters with aviation fuel. The world has now changed and we have evolved with it, allowing us to diversify into other areas including selling nozzles to dispense other hazardous, corrosive and hygienic medias.  Our latest range of nozzles are… Continue reading Nozzle Solutions

Are you looking for a new Swivel supplier?

At EWFM we truly believe that our range of Swivels is the biggest on the market. We can supply Swivels from a ½” to a 72” Bore, in materials from Aluminium, to Hastelloy and Super Duplex. Whatever Swivel challenge you may have, our mission is to work with you and produce a great solution. EWFM offer… Continue reading Are you looking for a new Swivel supplier?

Leaping into 2018

Now that we have reached January 2018 we, at EWFM, are taking the opportunity of reviewing last year 2017. The EWFM Team was pleased to be boosted with the addition of Mike Phillips who joined us in April. Mike has settled in well and become a valued member of the team. The drop in the… Continue reading Leaping into 2018

EWFM on Social Media

In the past year EWFM have been developing their social media prowess. EWFM now have a strong presence on:- Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn And brand new for 2017, Instagram! EWFM believe, as time moves on, social media will become a much bigger player in the marketing forefront. Please see below categories for each platform… Continue reading EWFM on Social Media

Supporting Biofuels

Designed to replace “fossil fuels” gasoline, diesel fuel and coal, Biofuels are made mostly from plants that have just been harvested. The main types of Biofuel are shown in the table below along with their equivalent Fossil Fuel and the key differences.     Global Biofuels production rose by 2.6% in 2016, although well below… Continue reading Supporting Biofuels

Gin and Whisky sales keep going up!

With the Gin and Whisky distilling industry experiencing continued growth year on year, 53 new distilleries opening in the UK in 2016.   At EWFM we have seen greater demand for our equipment from our ever growing customer base. Figures from the Food & Drink Federation show Whisky and Gin as being in the top 10 products… Continue reading Gin and Whisky sales keep going up!

Keep your site safe with our Safety Access Systems

At EWFM we have been helping our customers to keep their site safe by supplying Safety Access Systems for many years to various Industries including:- Construction Oil & Gas Food & Drink Chemical Pharmaceutical ……………and to countries all over the world Keeping your workers and delivery drivers safe is crucial to any business and we… Continue reading Keep your site safe with our Safety Access Systems

Helping your Oil Refinery

What is an Oil refinery? An Oil refinery is an industrial plant that refines crude oil into petroleum products such as diesel, gasoline and heating oils. Oil refineries essentially serve as the second stage in the production process following the actual extraction by oil rigs. Oil refineries are typically large complexes with extensive piping running… Continue reading Helping your Oil Refinery

EWFM supporting LNG and LPG transfer

LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas Is Natural Gas in a liquefied state. This is achieved by reducing the temperature of the gas down to about −163 °C (−260 °F).  This makes the LNG easier to store and transport as the volume is greatly reduced.  Specially designed cryogenic road tankers and ships are used to transport… Continue reading EWFM supporting LNG and LPG transfer

EWFM Supporting Subsea Oil and Gas

At EWFM we have been supporting the Subsea Oil and Gas Industry in the UK and Worldwide for over 20 years. Our range of products include swivel joints, rotary unions, couplings and hoses, they are all engineered and designed to your individual requirements One of the highlights of our previously completed jobs include working with… Continue reading EWFM Supporting Subsea Oil and Gas

EWFM supply 64 Swivel Joints to Tetra Pak

EWFM are very excited to be able to share our project with Tetra Pak.  Last year we were contacted with a request to supply 32 Swivel Joints for saturated steam and 32 Swivel Joints for water.  The Swivel Joints were to be used to update the articulating arms which were leaking and causing maintenance and… Continue reading EWFM supply 64 Swivel Joints to Tetra Pak

Compact Swivels

Compact Swivels are perfect for fitting into a tight spot.  The design offers lightweight construction with combination bearings.  We believe this Swivel is the most compact design on the market.  Although commonly designed around the industry standard ASME 150lb flange dimensions, on request, it is also possible to re-drill to match other flange faces.  High… Continue reading Compact Swivels

Composite Hose

Composite Hose is used in the Petrochemical, Marine, and Industrial markets. EWFM supply Hose Assemblies for loading arm applications and aircraft refuelling. Fluids that composite hose can be used for include petroleum, chemicals, aggressive acids, and biofuels.  EWFM also supply vapour hose for hydrocarbon products and cryogenic hose for liquid gas transfer. Hose can be supplied… Continue reading Composite Hose

Bottom Loading Arms – For Road and Rail Tankers

EWFM supply a range of Bottom Loading Arms for the safe transfer of liquid and gases to tank trucks and rail cars.  Bottom loading arms are specifically designed for filling from bottom, rear, or side connections.   Our Bottom loading arms come in various models and configurations.  The most common, the model 740/750, consists of… Continue reading Bottom Loading Arms – For Road and Rail Tankers

Multiport Swivels

Multiport Swivels, also known as Multiport Rotary Unions, offer fixed input to rotating output connections. The main purpose is to allow multiple flows across a common rotational axis. Popular systems for using Multiport Swivel Joints include hydraulics, pneumatic’s, water, cables, vacuums, coolants or gases.  Bespoke designs are available together with mounting flanges or brackets which… Continue reading Multiport Swivels

Agrochemicals – How do you treat yours

If you’re involved in the safe transfer of fluids and chemicals and in any part of the Agrochemicals Industry at EWFM we will have a solution to meet your needs We specialise in media’s that require careful handling and engineer our products to suit your individual needs. From our Filing & Emptying Equipment, Loading Arms to… Continue reading Agrochemicals – How do you treat yours

Aviation Swivel Joints

Aviation Swivel Joints are used in aircraft refuelling trucks.  The swivel is the movable part that relieves hose or pipe of stress and torsion.  It allows easy and safe handling for the refuelling process. Made of aluminium or stainless steel the swivels are of premium quality and long lasting, with the added advantage of being maintenance… Continue reading Aviation Swivel Joints

Aviation Refuelling Nozzles

EWFM supply a range of aviation refuelling nozzles.  Our range includes the G457 Hot refuelling Nozzles and standard G180 refuelling Nozzles.  Both nozzles come in a range of variations dependant on customer requirements.  These Nozzles are supplied to ensure safe refuelling, minimising the risk of damage to the aircraft and the operator.   Refuelling Nozzle… Continue reading Aviation Refuelling Nozzles

Floating Suction Units

EWFMs Floating Suction Units are the most popular products in our storage tank equipment range.  We can supply the Double Arm Floating Suction Unit and Single Arm Floating Suction Unit.  We also, for a different process, supply the Articulated Roof Drain.   What’s the difference between floating suction units and articulated roof drains? Floating suction… Continue reading Floating Suction Units

Drum Filling Equipment

EWFM supply a range of drum filling equipment, this includes engineered delivery nozzles, the drum filling head and even loading arms in some circumstances. This range of drum or cask filling equipment is suitable for a wide range of fluids, at varying temperatures and pressures.   Each product is made to order and your specific requirements.… Continue reading Drum Filling Equipment

Loading Arms

At EWFM we supply an extensive range of loading arms for filling road or rail tankers.  Our loading arms can be adapted to suit your media; our applications include hydrocarbon, chemical, food and hot products.  They can be supplied for either top filling or bottom filling depending on the requirement.  All are arms are equipped with… Continue reading Loading Arms

EWFM Celebrate 26 Perfect ISO Audits and Counting…

EWFM Celebrate 26 Perfect ISO Audits and Counting… If you want the best and proven quality talk to us at  EWFM. We completed our 26th consecutive audit for the ISO 9001-2008 quality standard this week and for the 26th audit running we have no major or minor non-conformance’s.   An amazing achievement and thoroughly deserved for our… Continue reading EWFM Celebrate 26 Perfect ISO Audits and Counting…

Loading Arm Couplings

Loading arm couplings are used to ensure a safe, dry and quick connection to that of a mating road or rail tanker. The most common range used for hydrocarbon loading arms is the API Liquid Coupler and the API Vapour Coupler.  We also however offer the full range of Mann-tek Couplings (according to STANAG 3756)… Continue reading Loading Arm Couplings

Drilling Swivels

At EWFM we supply Drilling Swivels as part of our wide range of Rotary Unions. Whether you are drilling for oil, water or gas these swivel are designed to allow rotation of the drill while conveying high volumes of high pressure drilling mud.  These swivels are also used for horizontal drilling.   Being a specialised… Continue reading Drilling Swivels

Chemical Couplings

The EWFM range of Chemical Couplings offer you a quick, safe, reliable, dry and easy to operate coupling system.  Every coupling is made to order and customised to suit your desired chemical.  Be it Hydrochloric and sulfuric acids to MEK, EWFM can engineer a coupling that is right for you! Follow our quick and simple steps… Continue reading Chemical Couplings

Loading Arm Hose Covers

Have you thought about using loading arm hose covers?  They come in a good range of colours and provide a safe and clear visual identification to the operator.  The colour coded system, very importantly, prevents product contamination. Although there is no internationally recognised colour standard, the use of colour will vary worldwide.  Typical colour codes… Continue reading Loading Arm Hose Covers

Welcome Mike Phillips – EWFM’s New Sales Engineer

Mike Phillips, our new Sales Engineer has just completed his first few weeks with our busy sales team and is fitting in nicely. Mike brings a wealth of experience in both Sales and Relationship Management, and embraces EWFM’s passion to deliver quality and great customer service. Mike’s desire is to grow our business through actively… Continue reading Welcome Mike Phillips – EWFM’s New Sales Engineer

Tanker Access Systems – Folding Stairs, Platforms and Gantry Stands

There will always be instances on site where tanker access systems are required to eliminate the risk of falling from height.  EWFM currently supply Folding Stairs, Gantry Stands, and Folding Platforms into numerous sites both in the UK and Worldwide. EWFM Folding Stairs have been designed to provide a safe working environment for workers who need… Continue reading Tanker Access Systems – Folding Stairs, Platforms and Gantry Stands


FPS EXPO 2017 is the event of the year for the Oil distribution industry in the UK and Republic of Ireland. It took place at the Liverpool Exhibition Centre on the 10th and 11th of May. A wide variety of senior professionals from across the UK, Europe and also as far afield as the USA visited… Continue reading FPS EXPO 2017

Have fluid to dispense? Look no further than the Engineered Delivery Nozzle

The Engineered Delivery Nozzle is manufactured in two main designs, manual and automatic.  The manual design simply works on trigger movement.  Pull the trigger to open the valve, let go of the trigger to shut the valve.  The Automatic design works similar to that of a petrol station nozzle.  Pull the trigger to open the… Continue reading Have fluid to dispense? Look no further than the Engineered Delivery Nozzle

Proud Sponsors of Royston Historic Vehicle Show 2017

We are proud sponsors of the Royston Historic Vehicle Show 2017. The show coincides with the Royston May Fare that offers much more entertainment including coconut shires, local dance shows, dog shows, the town band and much, much more.. Everyone is welcome and it is free of charge.  Pop down and take a look! The… Continue reading Proud Sponsors of Royston Historic Vehicle Show 2017

Quick, Safe and Spill Free

A Coupling is a device used to unite two product lines together via a quick, safe and spill free connection. Couplings are used in many industries such as oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, aviation, and marine.  As well as more specialised markets such as bulk powder transfer, brewery finished products, food and pharmaceutical. Our most commonly… Continue reading Quick, Safe and Spill Free

A Swivel suited to you

Some people reading this will know exactly what a Swivel Joint is but others may need a brief introduction, to find a swivel suited to you.  So briefly, Swivel Joints are the flexible movable parts in hoses and  articulated pipework.  They are used on hose reels, loading arms, piping systems both rigid and flexible, process… Continue reading A Swivel suited to you


It’s Finally Here! Hello to our returning Customers and welcome to EWFM all you new visitors (and fingers crossed potential Customers). 10 Years after its first launch, EWFM are now proud owners of a new and much improved website Our old site had not aged like a fine wine, but had started to disintegrate before… Continue reading IT’S FINALLY HERE!