What do EWFM supply for tankers?

Road Tankers, Rail Tankers

What do EWFM supply for tankers?

EWFM has been supplying equipment suited for tankers for many years. Since the start our products, that are tanker compliant, have grown, which has led to three varying product ranges that are ideal solutions for different parts of tankers. Although there are different types of tankers, EWFM specialises in equipment designed for road and rail tankers.

When driving past a road tanker on the motorway, many would assume that it is carrying one liquid. However, on most occasions, a road tanker will have multiple compartments where they store different liquids or gasoline grades that are heading to the same location.

Our products that are suited for Tankers:

Access Systems: When onsite, where tankers are often present, access systems are required to eliminate any risk of a worker causing injury to themselves due to failing from a height. Our current access systems that EWFM offers are folding stairs, gantry stands, and folding platforms. We have provided this safety equipment to numerous sites around the UK and worldwide.

Loading and Unloading Arms: Previously, we touched on the multiple compartment areas situated within road and rail tankers. To transfer the substance from the site to the tanker, you will need a loading or unloading arm. EWFM has a large range of arms that are suitable for a variety of substances and conditions, which include chemicals, hydrocarbons, and LPG, just to name a few. The hatch where the liquid will be deposited can be found either on the top or on the bottom/side of the vehicle. We currently offer both top and bottom-loading arms.

Couplings: Of our extensive coupling range, three are usually used with tankers, which are the API Liquid and Vapour Coupler and the Dry Disconnect Coupling. The API couplers offer a quick and safe connection to the male API adaptor found on tankers. Similarly, the Dry Disconnect Coupling is the perfect solution for loading and unloading tankers.

Breakaway Couplings: These types of couplings are used to prevent pull-away accidents and to protect terminals and equipment used in the filling process. By mistake, workers can forget to detach from the tanker and, as it drives off, it can cause considerable damage and also loss of money due to unwanted product release. The breakaway coupling helps minimise downtime, save money, equipment, and the environment.

If you have any tanker requirements, then please get in contact with one of our sales team who will be happy to assist to ensure you get the right solution for you! Or if you would like to find out more about the products above, head over to the products section of the website where you will find all the information that you need.

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