Industry Showcase: Food and Drink

Industry Showcase: Food and Drink

Industry Showcase: Food and Drink

“It’s time for the next instalment of the “Industry Showcase”. In this series, we are taking a look into the industries that EWFM caters for and providing products that are a suitable match for the industry. We will explore the facts and figures behind the industries and their trends and in this instalment we will be focusing on the food and drink industry.

About the food and drink industry:

The food and drink industry is the biggest manufacturing sector in the UK by turnover, valued at £104.4 billion. The UK is considered the hub and forefront of innovation in this industry, with countries across the globe looking to Britain to identify new opportunities. However, due to constant changes in consumer habits and diets, innovation is always necessary in this industry to keep up with the trends and prevent products or services from becoming outdated.

Statistics show that the food and drink industry experienced a massive slump in revenue between 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While there was a resurgence in 2022, it was not enough to equal pre-pandemic levels.

As I touched on above, trends in this industry are always changing. The current trends in the industry are sustainable and functional food & drinks. Despite growing costs due to inflation, consumers are willing to fork out more money to feed their habits. In 2022, consumers spent a total of £105.8 billion on food and drink, which was a 20% increase compared to 2021.

Coca Cola
Food Grade Swivel Joints and Loading Arms
What EWFM do for the industry:

At EWFM, we have been supplying products to Yeo Valley, Timothy Taylors, and Tetra Pak, all of whom have processes involving the production of food and drink. We know that during the food production process, hygiene and cleanliness are vital, which is why our range of swivel joints, loading arms, and filling & emptying equipment can be made food grade ready with FDA approved materials and seals.

In the drinks industry, our engineered delivery nozzles and drum filling heads are a particular hit with breweries as they can be used to fill and empty casks, barrels, and IBCs. Both products can come with an overfill sensor option, which allows workers to walk away and focus on other tasks without having to worry about watching the container until it’s filled to the brim.

If you work in the food and drink industry and are looking for a product to enhance your company’s product process, get in contact with EWFM. We are on hand to provide you with expertise and solutions for your projects.

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