Fun Thursday: EWFM Wordle

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Fun Thursday: EWFM Wordle

Wordle has taken the world by storm these past few months, with an estimated 2 million users guessing the 5-letter word daily. And here at EWFM, we thought, what better way to start our bimonthly Fun Thursdays than by playing the biggest game in the world right now? Fun Thursdays will feature an interactive game, puzzle, or quiz that will put our customers and followers to the test on general knowledge and everything EWFM, from swivel joints to couplings; anything could come up!


About Wordle:

Wordle was first created in October 2021 by Josh Wardle, a programmer from the USA. His intention from the start was to create a game for him and his partner, but once published, he soon saw it grow in popularity, month by month. The game is designed with a randomisation algorithm that will produce a new word every day, so that even the creator can join in with the fun.

When it was first released, Wordle had an average of 90 users a day, and by the end of January 2022, it had over 1.5 million users. Due to the demand and popularity, the creator, Josh Wardle, became overwhelmed and sold the game for over £1 million to the New York Times.


EWFM Wordle:

Think you have what it takes to guess the EWFM Wordle? Click on the link below to take on today’s challenge! Once you have finished, take a screenshot of how you did and send it to us on any of our social platforms, which you can find below.

Good luck! You’re going to need it!

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