The Fact Files: Aircraft and Helicopter Nozzles


The Fact Files: Aircraft and Helicopter Nozzles

The summer months have flown by, and with everyone having the freedom to fly wherever they wanted to without restrictions, airports are busier than they have been for years. With September coming to an end, that can only mean one thing: the Fact Files are back! This is the 10th edition of the series. This month we will be looking at aircraft and helicopter nozzles.

Within our current range, we have two nozzles. The models are the G180 and G457. As well as that, we do also offer aviation couplings and hoses, but our main focus today will be the nozzles. For many years, we have been supplying our range of aviation equipment to United Kingdom Ministry of Defence. Due to the quality of our products, they always come back to us.

Model G180:

The Fact Files: Aircraft and Helicopter Nozzles

Previously known as the G457-240, the G180 Nozzle has been used by the Ministry of Defence for many years. The overall design is based on the original G457 but with new features and benefits. The new design is more lightweight and comfortable, which allows for an easier filling experience for the operator. It has a speed spout system that allows for various spouts to be used and swapped within seconds. A soft close feature allows the operator to control the flow of fuel, with the bumpers ensuring that no damage will occur if contact is made with the aircraft.

Model G457:


The model G457 is the original nozzle which has been used by the UK Ministry of Defence since the 1970’s. This was manufactured due to the necessity for a nozzle that could fill an aircraft while the turbines and avionics were still running. This allows for a safe turn around of the aircraft. Previously, the G457 has been used in temperatures ranging from 30°C to +52°C. The material is resistant to fuels and vapours, which leads to a long life. A high level shut off is incorporated into the design, which will stop spillage when tanks are full.

To find out more about the nozzles above, head over to the aircraft and helicopter equipment page where you can find the individual products and also the data sheets. If these nozzles are of interest to you, then please get in contact with one of our sales team who will be happy to assist you.

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