The Blog That Only Comes Every Four Years

Leap Year

The Blog That Only Comes Every Four Years

This week’s blog is extra special! Welcome to the Blog That Only Comes Every Four Years: a glimpse into the fascinating world of leap years. Similarly to how the Earth needs an extra day every four years to stay in sync with the seasons, businesses too require adjustments and solutions to avoid falling out of sync and stay on track with their goals.

In the spirit of leap year, we explore how EWFM can be your crucial “leap day,” propelling your business forward and unlocking the potential for success.

Why do we have a Leap Year:

It’s an age-old question: Why do we have leap years? Well, they are very important for one big reason.

Leap years occur every four years because the Earth doesn’t actually take 365 days to orbit the Sun. It actually takes around 365.24 days, which adds about 5 hours and 48 minutes each year. If these extra hours were not accounted for, the seasons we all know would start to shift over time. In just a few hundred years, for example, the winter season would be starting in July! To ensure all the seasons stay aligned, we have that extra day, the 29th of February, which makes up for those extra hours. Imagine being born on this special day – you would only celebrate your official birthday every four years!

However, there’s a slight twist. Adding a day every four years is actually slightly more than necessary. Over centuries, this would cause the seasons to drift again. So, there’s a rule that not every year divisible by four is a leap year. For example, years divisible by 100 but not by 400 are not leap years. 1700, 1800, and 1900 were not leap years, but 2000 was.

This system keeps our calendar aligned with the seasons and helps us stay on track with Earth’s actual orbit around the Sun.

Leap Year Calendar
How EWFM can help your business process stay on track:

Just like leap years keep our calendar aligned, EWFM keeps your business processes on track, ensuring success every year. We understand the criticality of smooth operations, which is why we supply the highest quality products and services. Examples of how we can keep you on track for success include:

Maintaining smooth fluid flow:

Smooth operation of articulated pipework is vital. It ensures frictionless flow, allowing fluids and gases to travel efficiently. Our Standard and Engineered Swivel Joints enable fluids and gases through pipework, absorbing stress, and torsion to prevent damage and costly downtime.

Safeguarding Employee welfare:

Without employees, there would be no businesses. So, ensuring they a working in a safe environment is key. In the industries we supply to, employees are consistently working with dangerous medias and situations. We provide solutions for working at various heights and at ground level. We have a range of fall prevention systems and products designed for the safe movement of heavy objects to ensure your employees can work without a worry!

Facilitating the transfer of medias to tankers and other modes of transport:

We understand efficiency is key. Our Loading & Unloading Arms and Marine Loading Arms facilitate the smooth transfer of various medias to tank trucks, rail cars, ships, and more, with the aim to minimise downtime.

Don’t wait for a leap year to address your business needs. Make EWFM your everyday solution for top-tier service and exceptional products. Get in touch today and see how we can help your business thrive!

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