What’s to come in 2022?

What’s to come in 2022?

What’s to come in 2022?

It’s the start of a 2022, which can only mean one thing. Most people set resolutions and goals for the year ahead which they achieve in the early months but eventually forget about for the rest of the year. EWFM has certainly set goals for the year, and we intend on reaching them!


History of New Year:

Around 4,000 years ago in ancient Babylon, their New Year’s Day was actually on March 1st. This was the start of a new year because it was the beginning of spring and that’s when crops were planted. However, over time the date of when the New Year started kept changing until Julius Caesar introduced the Julian calendar after obtaining advice from astronomers and mathematicians. This new calendar declared that the start of the year was January 1st which resembles the modern Gregorian calendar which most modern countries now follow.

The start of this New Year had a different feel to it compared with last year, which was probably down to the fact that there wasn’t a lockdown restricting people from going out and celebrating. There is also a lot to look forward to in 2022, especially in the UK. This year we will be celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and then later on this year we have the Qatar World Cup which hopefully means football will eventually come home!  So, what has EWFM got to look forward to in 2022?


EWFM’s plans for 2022:

  • Trade Shows: Currently, EWFM are scheduled in to exhibit at two trade shows in 2022. The first being in late April at the UKIFDA Show in Liverpool and then in late September we are at the Tank Storage expo in Coventry. It will be the first trade show EWFM have been to in the past couple of years, so we hope to see lots of you there!
  • National and International Travel: In 2021, there was a slight return to normality with monthly national visits to our customers and one trip abroad. However, with countries slowly opening up their boarders again we hope to include more international travel this year and also continue with the monthly national trips.
  • New Products: After the addition of mobile step units and pallet gates to the EWFM product range late last year, in the early months of this year we will have another new and exciting product range for our customers.
  • New Projects: In the last few months of 2021, members of the EWFM team have been working hard on a very exciting project. As we move into 2022, we are getting closer and closer to the final release of the project, which we can’t wait to share with you.

Everyone at EWFM is very excited for the year ahead and the whole team wish that all our customers have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2022!

Contact information:

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