Project World Cup: Germany


Project World Cup: Germany

It’s time for the fourth instalment of our “Project World Cup” series, where we delve into one of the international teams playing today and explore that country, along with EWFM’s projects there over the years.

The tournament has been ongoing for exactly two weeks, and like last year’s men’s World Cup, it has been filled with great goals, superb saves, and some surprising results! Favourites, England, have advanced to the ‘round of 16’, winning all three of their group games while conceding only one goal. They will face Nigeria, who has been one of the tournament’s surprise packages, securing the second spot in Group A ahead of Canada.

In today’s edition of “Project World Cup,” we’ll take a closer look at Germany, who played against South Korea in the last group game of the Women’s World Cup this morning.

About Germany:

Germany, located in the heart of Europe, is home to an estimated population of 85,887,000 people. In the football world, the country is regarded as having one of the best teams, with the men’s and women’s teams winning a combined 6 World Cups and 11 Euro Championships.

Aside from sports, Germany is well known for its beer, and it holds the traditional Oktoberfest every October, which has grown in popularity worldwide year after year. Additionally, Germany is renowned as a hub for car manufacturing and is famous for its beautiful castles.

Berlin, the capital of the country, is rich in history and boasts magnificent landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate and remnants of the old Berlin Wall.

Five fun facts about Germany:

  • Germany have the largest zoo in the world which is located in Berlin.
  • Beer is considered as food in the region of Bavaria.
  • There are around 20,000 castles located in the country.
  • The Cologne Cathedral took 632 years to build!
  • Beer is so popular in the country that all you need to do is raise a thumb to get one. If your thumb is out, it means you’re ordering one beer. If your thumb, index, and middle finger are all out then you’re ordering three beers.

The Brandenburg Gate was officially opened on August the 6th, 1791.

EWFM in Germany:

Germany is not widely recognised for its significant presence in the oil and gas industry. In 2020, the country produced 2 million tonnes of crude oil, which accounts for approximately 0.04% of the global oil production. Germany’s primary oil field is the Mittelplate field, located in the Wadden Sea.

However, Germany is renowned for its extensive manufacturing sector, with over 220,000 manufacturing enterprises in the country. Production lines in these enterprises often involve the use of pipework, for which our Swivel Joints are integral components. Over the years, EWFM has successfully completed numerous projects in Germany, with our range of Swivel Joints being particularly popular in the country.

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is experiencing a surge in demand worldwide, primarily due to the current climate crisis and the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Germany, in particular, is seeking alternatives to the Russian gas it previously relied on, leading to an increasing need for LNG. In response, the German government has advanced plans to construct land-based terminals and lease floating terminals in the short term, while the land terminals are being built.

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Breakaway Coupling

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