Spring is here

Spring is here

Spring is here

Spring is here, get out and enjoy these first days, look out for:-

  • The first bees emerging and the birds singing
  • The snowdrops followed by the daffodils and tulips
  • The trees budding with catkins and blossom
  • Have you heard the first cuckoo yet?

The long nights of winter have gone, it’s over a year since our first lockdown and the vaccination programme is in progress.

The clocks springing forward an hour in Europe also gives us an extra hour of evening daylight making, for many of us, a longer and more productive day. Leaving work for home in the daylight, being able to go for a walk, potter in the garden, have a round of golf; is mood lifting raising our spirits.

It has been shown that workers with access to natural light has a huge impact on their productivity.  Research has shown that daylight effects our creativity, efficiency and significantly our mental and physical health.

It is inarguably easier for workers to learn, think creatively and be productive when they are working somewhere with lots of daylight.

Playwright and Nobel Prize winner George Bernard Shaw was a strong advocate of the value of natural light for boosting his creativity and productivity. He worked for over 20 years in a specially-built writer’s hut that he designed to stand on a mechanical turntable, allowing him to move the whole studio on its axis to follow the sunlight.

I don’t suppose that George Bernard Shaw used a swivel to rotate his hut! but if it’s rotation you are looking for, take a look at our wide and diverse range of Swivel Joints helping Engineers, all over the world with their projects, whatever the application.

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