Project World Cup – Canada


Project World Cup – Canada

It’s time for our next instalment of Project World Cup, a two-part series where we focus on a team that is playing today in the group stage of the World Cup. So far, we have seen some shocking wins from the likes of Saudi Arabia, Japan, Morocco, and Tunisia. It can only get better in the knockout stages! Today is the penultimate day of the group stage games, and we will be looking into Group F’s Canada.


Canada, located in North America, is the largest country in the Western Hemisphere and the world’s second largest. They are a member of the British Commonwealth, having previously been a colony of the British Empire. Canada is known for its beautiful scenery of mountains and lakes, with more than 3 million lakes and 31,700 big lakes with an area over 300 hectares.

Canada isn’t known for its footballing prowess, but thanks to a new generation of exciting players like Alphonso Davies and Jonathan David, the country was able to reach their first World Cup since 1986. The Canadians weren’t given much of a chance in Group F. They faced a tough group of Belgium, Croatia, and Morocco. After narrowly losing to Belgium in a game they should have and deserved to win, they then faced Croatia, who beat them 4-1, which led to their being knocked out of the tournament.

Projects in Canada:

Over the years, EWFM has received interest from all over Canada. We have had enquiries from Canadian Royalties, the Department of National Defence, and even Queen’s University, based in Kingston. A particularly nice order that we had in 2019 was for two 20” and two 28” Swivel Joints. Back in 2018, we also received an enquiry from a paper company based in Ontario. They were looking for six stainless steel high-temperature modification compact swivel joints. They were a big hit with the company, which has seen them come back to EWFM on numerous occasions for our compact swivel joint. But what are compact swivel joints?

Our compact swivel joints are the most compact design on the current market! They are the ideal solution when space is limited in pipework and other similar situations. Available in sizes ranging from 2″ to 12″, it is designed around the industry standard ASME 16.5 150 lb flange dimensions. It has dust seals that keep dirt out and allow grease to be purged from the bearing area. The ball bearings situated inside the swivel have a variable loading capacity and are installed through a single hole. This eliminates the possibility of the swivel separating during service.

Project World Cup – Canada

All eyes will be back on the football now as we start heading into knockout rounds on Saturday. With England playing Senegal on Sunday evening, surely it’s coming home, right? 😉 (Don’t hold us to this, please.) To celebrate that, why don’t you order a compact swivel joint or one of our many other product ranges?

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