Tanker Access Systems – Folding Stairs, Platforms and Gantry Stands

Tanker Access Systems

Tanker Access Systems – Folding Stairs, Platforms and Gantry Stands

There will always be instances on site where tanker access systems are required to eliminate the risk of falling from height.  EWFM currently supply Folding Stairs, Gantry Stands, and Folding Platforms into numerous sites both in the UK and Worldwide.

EWFM Folding Stairs have been designed to provide a safe working environment for workers who need to access the top of road or rail tankers. They are generally used where the tankers height differs from that of the gantry.  Folding stairs are manufactured in two to four step designs and varying widths to suit your requirements.  They come supplied with handrails that run from the fixed step to the last moving step. The Folding Stairs can be supplied either manually or pneumatically operated and with or without Safety Cages to reduce further risk.

EWFM Gantry Stands are customised to suit your current or required operation.  They are designed to give the operator access to the height of tank trucks or rail car’s.  Access to the tanker is then provided via Folding Stairs or Access Platforms.  The actual stand provides a safe, handrail enclosed area at the required working height.

EWFM Folding Platforms provide safe access for the operator moving between Gantry and the top of the tanker where there is little or no variation in tanker height.  Also known as Bridging Access Platforms, Folding Platforms bridge the gap between a loading bay and tanker when loading and unloading goods.

Each of these tanker access systems components have numerous safety features, for example the Folding Stairs and platforms have anti-slip aluminium treads and a manual foot lock.  The Gantry Stand has fail safe features which include interlocks, speed controls, and automatic locking devices.

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