Loading Arm Hose Covers

Loading Arm Hose Covers

Loading Arm Hose Covers

Have you thought about using loading arm hose covers?  They come in a good range of colours and provide a safe and clear visual identification to the operator.  The colour coded system, very importantly, prevents product contamination.

Although there is no internationally recognised colour standard, the use of colour will vary worldwide.  Typical colour codes are:

  • Yellow = Derv
  • Brown = Gas Oil
  • Red = Premium
  • Green = Unleaded

Colour is not the only way to identify the product being used; words can also be printed such as “KERO”  “ULSD”   “ULSG”.

Manufactured in high quality polyurethane, the covers are fastened around the pipe/hose by either industrial strength Velcro or heavy duty zips.  The length of the covers can be made to the user’s specification.

Fluid couplers and adaptors with selectivity can also be used to prevent cross contamination, see our Couplings section for further information.

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