Fun Thursday: EWFM Word Search

Word Search

Fun Thursday: EWFM Word Search

Who doesn’t love a word search? It’s the return of fun Thursdays. After we started off with the EWFM Wordle, we wanted to go back to a classic puzzle. This month’s brain teaser is a word search.

The history of the classic wordsearch game is unclear, but according to various historians, the creator was Norman E. Gibat, an American from Oklahoma. In 1968, he was creating a publication called Selenby Digest. He was looking for a way to engage readers and also differentiate his publications from those of his competitors. However, another individual claimed to have been the creator of the wordsearch. He was called Pedro Ocón de Oro, and he was a puzzle creator from Spain. During the 1960s, Pedro created what he called “Sopa de Letras” (Soup of Letters), which is exactly like a wordsearch.

The EWFM Wordsearch:

Can you find all of the EWFM products hidden within this word search? Click on the link below to take on today’s challenge! Once you have finished, take a screenshot of how you did and send it to us on any of our social platforms, which you can find below.

Good luck!

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