Fun Thursday: The EWFM Crossword


Fun Thursday: The EWFM Crossword

It’s felt like the wait for the next Fun Thursday has taken forever, but it has finally arrived! In previous fun Thursdays, we’ve challenged you to an EWFM Wordle and a wordsearch. But this month we’re going with a classic: the crossword. Played by millions around the world, this puzzle will be sure to keep your brain ticking.

The history of crosswords:

The first ever crossword to be published was in the New York World newspaper back in 1913 in their entertainment section of the Christmas edition of the newspaper. The creator, Arthur Wynne, was a journalist at the time. He created the game based on an ancient word-based grid game that he used to play when he was younger. Originally, he called it “Word-Cross”, but due to a typo in the newspaper one week, the hyphen was dropped, and the words were switched around. Even though this error occurred, the new name continued.

EWFM Crossword:

It’s time to get your brain working and take on the EWFM Crossword. Which of EWFM’s products will appear? Once you complete it, take a screenshot, and tag us on any of our social media platforms to show us how you did.

Click on the link below to get started!

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