International week of happiness at work


International week of happiness at work

The International week of happiness at work commenced this week. It is where companies around the world come together and discuss ways in which they can make their employees happy. As well as that, it is the opportunity for companies to have speakers and complete challenges that can boost morale in the office environment. According to a survey conducted by Insight, only 41% of workers are happy in their current workplace. This has dropped year on year, as in 2017 it was at 51%.

What makes an employee happy at work?

While researching I found articles which identified how managers can boost morale and keep workers happiness at its highest. The four keys to happy employees were:

  • Engagement: Keeping employees constantly engaged in work or other activities is crucial to keeping them happy. No worker wants to be sitting around and waiting for something to do. They want to be productive and always on their toes with new and exciting projects to complete.
  • Resilience: This applies to the managers and directors of employees. When a project or a piece of work goes wrong, employees want to have the ability to handle, adapt to, and productively learn from setbacks, failures, and disappointments. If a resilient mindset is not pushed from the managers, then employee may struggle to find the will to continue with the project leading to dissatisfaction.
  • Kindness: Everyone knows that working in a full time job is not a walk in the park. You will face challenging moments and setbacks. However, if an employee is treated well and with respect, then they will perform to a higher standard.
  • Safety: This key doesn’t apply to most businesses, but for the ones where employees work in dangerous work environments. In warehouses or factories, there will various hazards that need to be controlled with safety equipment. If said facilities don’t have the necessary equipment then employees will feel unsafe and less likely to enjoy their work.

How EWFM aid other companies with safety:

Safety is where EWFM come in and bring happiness to your workplace. We offer a range of products that improve safety in various situations. In particular, our access systems ensure companies provide their employees with a safe working environment. They include:

International week of happiness at work

Our Folding Stairs are designed to ensure a safe working environment for employees and workers who need to access aspects of their job from a height. The Folding Platforms, also known as Bridging Access Platforms, are constructed to bridge the gap that would be between a loading bay and a tanker. Finally, Gantry Stands are fully customizable and are designed to give the operator a safe handrailed enclosed area at a required height. All of the above can be modified.

EWFM is an enjoyable work environment with a tight knit team. Working in this type of environment allows us to provide customers with quality products and customer service. As well as that, we ensure we offer a range of access systems to ensure that fellow companies can allow their employees to work in a safe environment.

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