EWFM supply 64 Swivel Joints to Tetra Pak

64 Swivel Joints

EWFM supply 64 Swivel Joints to Tetra Pak

EWFM are very excited to be able to share our project with Tetra Pak.  Last year we were contacted with a request to supply 32 Swivel Joints for saturated steam and 32 Swivel Joints for water.  The Swivel Joints were to be used to update the articulating arms which were leaking and causing maintenance and safety issues.

Guy, working closely with the customer, ensured they were quoted the most cost effective, yet high quality solution. Due to temperatures reaching up to 185˚C the Swivels needed to have special high temperature Viton seals.  Our 5” Carbon Steel 2175 Swivel Joint in style 20 and 30 configurations was the chosen and ordered design.  With 2 sets of ball bearings and easy seal replacement it offered the perfect solution to allow the articulated pipework to move freely when the saturated steam was passing through.

As you can see these Swivels were supplied painted in a light Grey (RAL 7001).  Tetra Pak were so happy with this paint finish that they contacted us for advice on painting the rest of the arm to this specification.

The picture below shows these Swivels in situ:-

EWFM supply 64 Swivel Joints to Tetra Pak

We also supplied 2.5” Stainless Steel 2175 Swivel Joints for water.  These Swivels helped support two arms that ran in parallel either side to the steam arms.  The water was used to cool the steam further along the process.  These Swivels were supplied in style 30 configuration.

This picture shows a close-up of these Swivels:-

EWFM supply 64 Swivel Joints to Tetra Pak

The Swivels were manufactured, delivered within 12 working weeks and supplied with maintenance instructions and 3.1 material certification.

After several months of use Tetra Pak confirmed that the Swivels are working very well and they are very satisfied.  That’s another happy Customer for EWFM!

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