2021: A look back at the year

2021: A look back at the year

2021: A look back at the year

2021 was a very exciting year for EWFM. After lockdowns in 2020 and early 2021, things were looking up for the rest of 2021. We returned to the office full time, were able to conduct visits nationally and internationally, visited a trade show, and added a new member to the marketing team – Ben.

Recently, Ben completed his probation period and is now a full-time employee of EWFM. In the following blog, Ben wanted to look at his first six months at the company and what experiences he had.

My first six months with EWFM:

“I joined the company on July 12th last year, and the last six months have flown by! I didn’t expect it to go so fast, and I have enjoyed every single day. This was my first full-time job after previous experience in the retail sector in part-time roles and studying for three years at the University of Kent, so as you can imagine, the nerves were there. But the EWFM team were really welcoming and helpful, which made it easy to settle into the role.

A usual day for me includes posting content on the website and our social media, thinking of ways to drive new customers to the website, and taking photos of deliveries to the warehouse, such as our swivel joints; however, the work can differ each day.

Over the past six months, I have had many new experiences that have enhanced the marketing knowledge I had been taught back at university. My most exciting experience has to be our new project, which will all make sense in the next month. This was the first big project given to me, and so far, it has been very exciting and as it has been a very hands-on project, I was able to see a creative side to myself that I never thought I had. Another big project that has been given to me is to organise the trade shows, and I have been put in charge of designing the stands for the company. I can’t wait for the UKIFDA Show in late April to see all my work put into place.

Other experiences I’ve had include a business trip to Spain, a trip to Birmingham for the PPMA show, and having exposure to all areas of the business. All in all, it’s been a fantastic first six months and I can’t wait for the future. “

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