Are you blue sky thinking?

Are you blue sky thinking
Are you blue sky thinking

Are you blue sky thinking?

Great things can happen whilst in lockdown – in 1665 when “working from home” at Woolsthorpe to escape the plague affecting Cambridge, Isaac Newton had the time and space to develop his theories on calculus, optics and the laws of motion and gravity.  What will you do?  Are you blue sky thinking?

At EWFM we strive to make great things happen for our customers through every experience. We have built our name on trust, quality and being able to come up with solutions that are tailormade for our customers.
We pride ourselves on working in partnership with you to provide first class products that deliver even when requirements are not straight forward. We aim to supply the same level of quality of product and service whether it’s for a standard application or engineered solution.

As we all strive to be as creative as we can due to the current climate, we have witnessed businesses changing what they manufacture to assist in the fight against COVID-19.  One great example of this has been the switch to the manufacture of  hand sanitiser and cleaning products, not only adopted by larger multinational companies such as Estee Lauder and INOES, but also smaller distilleries and breweries such as: –

At EWFM we will be able to work with you using our range of products including our Swivel Joints & Drum Filling Equipment.

Swivel Joints
Our swivel joints are not one size fits all. They are available in: –

  • Standard
  • Engineered
  • Subsea
  • Compact (we believe our design is the most compact on the market)
  • High Pressure
  • Multiport Designs

We supply them all in a range of sizes suitable for a variety of industries all over the world.
Whether you need your swivel joint for use: –

  • On a Marine Loading Arm or Hose Reel
  • To be used 4000m subsea
  • Suitable for LNG
  • As a compact design to fit into that tight space

Or you just need to allow your pipework to move without stress & torsion. We will be able to create a solution for you.

Drum Filling Equipment
Our range of Drum Filling Equipment are perfect for filling casks, IBC’s and Drums. They are perfect for use in Breweries & Distilleries and in the Chemical, Food and Petrochemical Industries worldwide.  Available in standard designs with standard length spouts both the Drum Filling Unit and our Engineered Delivery Nozzles can be tailormade for specialist applications.

Are you blue sky thinking?

This Drum Filling Unit was created for a Petrochemical Company to allow them to top fill their IBC’s and was created with interchangeable lances for the safety of their operators and product. It was also supplied with a specialist locking device for storage.

We are open for business and are here to help wherever you are in the world, so if you have a current requirement or you would like to discuss a planned or future project please get in touch with Guy & Mike.

You can keep up to date with our latest news and updates through our social media channels including LinkedIn, FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

Together we can beat this virus. Stay safe!!