EWFM on Social Media

EWFM on Social Media

EWFM on Social Media

In the past year EWFM have been developing their social media prowess. EWFM now have a strong presence on:-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • LinkedIn
  • And brand new for 2017, Instagram!

EWFM believe, as time moves on, social media will become a much bigger player in the marketing forefront.

Please see below categories for each platform and what to expect. 


EWFM on Social Media

Worldwide there are over 2.7 Billion monthly active Facebook users with five new profiles made every second. Facebook allows you to post, like and share which in turn gives huge potential to reach a worldwide audience.

EWFM update Facebook with regular blogs and news, follow us to stay updated.

Click here to follow us on Facebook.


EWFM on Social MediaHaving over 328 Million monthly active users and available in 40 languages worldwide, Twitter is used by businesses to keep people updated through quick and short statements, ranging up to a maximum of 280 characters.

EWFM Tweet regular news, be it links to blogs, updates about upcoming trade shows, past projects, and any relevant new information.

If you’re a fan of short, sweet and to-the-point updates, then following us on twitter is the answer. The average Twitter user follows five businesses, make EWFM one of them here.

 Google +

EWFM on Social MediaGoogle+ now has 212 million profiles that are alive and active. Google+ main advantage over the others is that you can use collections and communities.  This ultimately allows people to share news/information on a particular topic/industry in a certain area, so that only the people who are interested can see it.  It means, hopefully, that you will get more meaningful results.

EWFM use Google+ to share regular blogs and new products.

Over 70% of businesses now use Google+, so why not add us to your following list by clicking here.


EWFM on Social MediaLinkedIn has 106 Million monthly users with more than 40% using it daily. It is a platform that allows you to make personal business connections, follow businesses, join communities and even search for Jobs.  It is a growing network, which we and the experts believe will become more and more valuable as time as goes on.

EWFM’s business profile is updated with regular news and blogs related directly to the company. You can follow it here.

Our two sales engineers Guy Curtis and Mike Phillips also have a strong presence on LinkedIn and use it to develop contacts and build stronger  relationships.   Should you wish to connect with them directly for business purposes please use the links below:–

Guy Curtis: Click here

Mike Phillips: Click Here

Guy and Mike regularly used LinkedIn to share their whereabouts, past projects and any relevant information to do with the company. They will be very happy to connect and help with your requirements. 

Instagram – New for 2017!

EWFM on Social MediaInstagram now has over 800 million monthly users worldwide. It is used as a platform to share photos.  A user can follow who they are interested in to view their photos and can also be followed to share their own photos.

As of October 2017 EWFM have used Instagram to share photos of their past and current projects. Should you be interested in seeing what we get up to, follow us here

All in all EWFM are developing a strong presence on social media.  As a company we would be very grateful if you could come and follow us on your preferred network to keep updated on our work and news.