Keep your site safe with our Safety Access Systems

Safety Access Systems

Keep your site safe with our Safety Access Systems

At EWFM we have been helping our customers to keep their site safe by supplying Safety Access Systems for many years to various Industries including:-

……………and to countries all over the world

Keeping your workers and delivery drivers safe is crucial to any business and we at EWFM can offer our standard range of safe access products to support you.  We can also offer you the design and fabrication of your own bespoke system allowing us to cater for any request.


What we can offer


Folding Stairs

  • For helping with the loading and maintenance of top loading road and rail tankers
  • If your workers need access to heights they are designed to provide them with a safe working environment
  • Supplied with handrails that run from the top fixed step to the last moving step and manufactured in mild steel
  • Comply to the latest ATEX Directives
  • Available in either manual or pneumatic operated options

Keep your site safe with our Safety Access Systems

Pneumatic Step Unit Illustration                                                                                                                 Manual Step unit with cage illustration

Optional safety cages are also available to provide further protection from accidental falls during operation.


Folding Platforms

  • Providing safe access for your operator when moving between the gantry and the top of the tanker when there is little or no variation in tanker height
  • Also known as Bridging Access Platforms, they bridge the gap between a loading bay and a tanker when loading and unloading goods
  • Manufactured in mild steel and coated in hot dipped galvanised
  • Provides protection from harsh environmental elements is therefore making it suitable for chemical and corrosive conditions
  • Platforms are available in a variety of widths allowing us to meet most user requirements
  • A manual foot lock secures the platform in position

Keep your site safe with our Safety Access Systems

Gantry Stands

  • Fully customisable, our Gantry Stands are created to suit your operations, or a newly specially engineered access system can be designed
  • This allows your operators a safe handrail enclosed area at the required height whilst allowing access to tanks, trucks and platforms
  • For access from ground level to Gantry platform we can offer you Ladder & Stair Way Kits
  • They come flat-packed and pre-drilled for on-site assembly
  • For the safety of the operator pneumatics, hydraulics and electrics can be incorporated, depending on the operation of the system


Fail-safe features can also be incorporated into your engineered Gantry, including:-

  • Interlocks
  • Speed Controls
  • Automatic Locking Devices
  • Tilt Features
  • Folding Features

If you are unsure how to solve your safety issue, you are planning a new setup, or refurbishment of your existing system then get in touch with Mike and Guy on 01763 248650 or [email protected] to discuss your needs further.