The Fact Files: Loading and Unloading Arms

Loading and Unloading Arms

The Fact Files: Loading and Unloading Arms

It’s time for April’s instalment of the fact files. Previously, we looked at a whole range of EWFM products, including couplings, standard swivel joints, engineered swivel joints, and storage tank equipment. This time we will be looking at our range of loading and unloading arms.

Back when EWFM was founded in 2000, one of our first product lines was loading and unloading arms. So, you could say that we know our stuff about these arms! Since then, the range has grown, which sees us offer five variations of top and bottom loading and unloading arm with valves and accessories as well.

About Loading and Unloading Arms:

Loading and unloading arms are used for filling and discharging solids, liquids, and gases into tank trucks or rail cars. They are generally made up of pipes and hoses. The loading arm will unfold, which will allow the employee to load, or unload said vehicle. Within our range, we have top-loading or bottom-loading arms.

Typically, the top loading arm will be used to load or unload through a manhole found on the top of the tanker. The bottom loading arm will be used in the same way, but the location of where the connection will be made can be found on the side or rear of a tanker.

Our loading arms come in sizes ranging from 1″ to 6″ and 3 types of metal: stainless steel, aluminium, and carbon steel. We also offer more exotic materials such as Hastelloy. There will be certain materials and sizes for different substances.

The Fact Files: Loading and Unloading Arms

What Loading and Unloading Arms do EWFM offer:

We currently offer arms that are designed and constructed to have specific substances passed through them. They include:

– Hydrocarbon

– Chemical


– Hot Products

– Food Service

As well as that, we also offer loading arm valves and accessories such as signal switches, drip buckets, spring cylinders, and much more.

Thank you for reading this month’s fact file on our loading and unloading arms. If you have any questions or enquiries about any of the products mentioned above, then please get in touch and the team will be happy to assist you.

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