Rugby World Cup 2023

Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup 2023

Last Friday, the 10th Rugby World Cup kicked off in France as the two favourites, New Zealand, and the host nation, faced each other at the Stade de France in Paris. It was a fiercely contested match, but New Zealand were unable to spoil the party as France claimed a 27-13 win over the kiwis. While the tournament’s early stages have yet to yield any major upsets, they have been brimming with controversy, especially concerning some contentious decisions made by the officials on the field.

England started their World Cup campaign against Argentina at the Stade de Marseille. The pre-match atmosphere was one of uncertainty, given England’s somewhat turbulent recent years on the rugby scene. However, they defied the sceptics and delivered a commanding performance, securing a convincing 27-10 win. Tom Curry was sent off in the first five minutes after a debatable decision from the referee. It saw him sent to the stands until it was confirmed from the off-field officials if it was deemed an unsafe tackle.

History of the Webb Ellis Cup:

The inaugural Rugby World Cup took place in 1987, following years of negotiation between New Zealand and Australia to bring this prestigious competition to life. New Zealand, eventually serving as the first host nation, welcomed 16 participating teams. Remarkably, it was New Zealand who clinched the inaugural Rugby World Cup title, and as of the present day, they share the honour of holding three world cup victories alongside South Africa.

Today, the tournament has expanded to include twenty nations competing vigorously over the course of six thrilling weeks. This tournament unfolds in two stages: first, the pool stage, followed by the intense knockout rounds. The teams’ placement within these stages is determined by their positions in the World Rankings. The four highest-ranked teams are allocated to pools A through D, followed by the next four highest-ranked teams, and so on. The remaining slots in each pool are filled by hard-fought qualifiers.

In a significant and progressive move starting in 2021, gender designations were removed from the titles of both the men’s and women’s World Cups, reflecting a more inclusive approach. Henceforth, all World Cups, regardless of gender, are named “Rugby World Cup.”

The coveted trophy itself bears the name of William Webb Ellis; the legendary figure credited with conceiving the sport when he famously picked up the ball during a football match.

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Safety in the workplace is just as important as safety on the pitch:

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Rugby World Cup 2023

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