The extreme uses of EWFM Swivel Joints


The extreme uses of EWFM Swivel Joints

Our customer base spreads across numerous industries all over the world. The fact that that our products were being used in such diverse and extreme ways has meant we have had to develop our product range and business to ensure we have the ability and knowledge to support our customers.

The extreme uses of EWFM Swivel JointsThe extensive range of our swivel joints reflects this. We have our standard range of swivel joints that we have supplied in various configurations and materials across the globe. This includes numerous swivel joints for use in Floating Suction Units like these 12” and 16” ones pictured below.

We can supply these swivels to service all sizes of Floating Suction Unit.
The skills and knowledge that we have learnt also allow us to support our customers when their requirement is more specialist. Some great examples of this are,

Subsea PicSubsea

Supplied to Brazil these swivel joints were supplied for use at a depth of 3000m below Sea Level.  Our Subsea swivels are available for use to a maximum depth of 4000m and pressures up to 20,000 PSI

Dark Matter

Our Compact Swivel Joint was used with Dark Matter. Available in sizes up to 12” we believe them to be the most compact on the market


Available in sizes up to 16” our cryogenic swivel joints are perfect for the transportation of LNG and other medias down to temperatures of -200 °C.

Food Manufacturing

Used within the Food Manufacturing Industry with FDA seals they have been supplied to support the production of products ranging from Cooking Oil to Egg Custard.


They are the perfect addition to our Engineered Filling Nozzles. Used in Distilleries they improve the usability by allowing the hose to swivel freely behind the Nozzle.

Drilling PicDrilling

We supplied 3” hardened carbon steel swivel joints for a drilling application in Egypt.  With no maximum sizes we can cater for all customer requests

Within our vast range of Swivel Joints at EWFM we will have a solution for you. We work together in partnership with you to ensure your satisfaction throughout the process. Get in touch with Guy and Mike today and start to build your long-term relationship with us, so we can help your business grow and operate safely.

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