Brexit – We Can Reassure You

Brexit 2020

Brexit – We Can Reassure You

It’s the first week back at work after Brexit and we want to provide a message to reassure our current and potential customers that we have everything under control.

Before Brexit many people were asking “what will happen after Brexit?” and “what will change?”, obviously looking for reassurance.

We can’t, of course, say nothing will change.  What we can say is that we have the logistics and paperwork in hand and under control.  We have after all been exporting all over the world for many years now; 56 countries in 2019 and our target is to increase that this year.  Our transport companies are well versed in shipping all manner of goods to all manner of places.  We see very little effect if any on the transfer of our goods worldwide.

The next question asked is “what about prices, will they go sky-high?”.  Our reply is no, why should they, very little has actually changed to make costs increase.  There is no reason why our prices will change.

We are very confident that all will go ahead as normal, these outside factors will have no or very little effect on day-to-day business.

So send us your enquiries, it’ll be no different than normal!

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