FA Cup Final Weekend

FA Cup Final
FA Cup Final

FA Cup Final Weekend

As we are approaching the business end of the football season, the remaining matches are all cup-related competitions. With the likes of the Champions League, Europa League, and the newly created Conference League all having their finals in the next week and a half, the oldest cup competition will also be having its final under the Wembley arches this coming Saturday. Millions across the world tune in to watch the FA Cup each year, making it second only to the World Cup final in terms of global viewership.

History of the most prestigious cup in world football:

The first FA Cup tournament was held in 1871, making it the oldest trophy in world football. The competition was won by Wanderers FC, who are no longer playing at a professional standard but will be remembered as the inaugural winners of the cup. Since then, numerous records have been set, with Arsenal winning the competition 14 times.

The cup is also known for its giant killings. The competition doesn’t just consist of the 92 Football League teams; it allows teams from the lowest of the non-leagues to take a punt at lifting the trophy. Although many will be knocked out, some have gone further than some of the bigger teams. In recent years, we saw Marine A.F.C face Tottenham Hotspur, who at the time were separated by 160 places in the footballing pyramid. Unfortunately, they would bow out after a 5-0 loss, but the exposure and the round they reached help clubs in the lower sections of the footballing pyramid to garner some extra funds that can prove vital for them in the future.

Which team has scored the most goals in the competitions history?

Kettering Town!

Founded in 1872, they have scored 891 goals in the competition and that’s without ever making it past the fourth round


“Traditional” is a word that comes to mind when we think about the FA Cup. The tradition of the FA Cup is deeply rooted in English football history and holds a special place in the hearts of football fans. As we touched on above, the tournament allows clubs from all levels of the English football league system to compete, from the top-tier Premier League teams to non-league teams. Additionally, the tradition of playing at Wembley has never died out, with all teams wanting to reach the final just so they can play there. The final day, also known as “Cup Final Day,” is massive in the UK and is accompanied by pre-match festivities and entertainment.

Traditions aren’t just a part of football; they are a part of everyday life. Anyone can have their own traditions, including companies like us.

At EWFM, our traditions are:

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