Industry Showcase: Chemicals

Industry Showcase: Chemicals

Industry Showcase: Chemicals

May has flown by, and as we reach the end of the month, it’s time to explore another industry that EWFM products are suitable for. In previous editions, we examined key information and statistics on the oil & gas and food & drink industries. In this month’s instalment, we will be focusing on the Chemical industry. This industry is defined as the conversion of raw materials such as oil, metals, and minerals into industrial and consumer products, and it is estimated to be worth around £54 billion in the UK.

About the Chemical Industry: 

According to the European Chemical Industry Council, There are around 4,535 chemical companies based in the UK. Unlike other industries where the UK may be limited to what it can do due lack of resources and other factors, the UK is active in all the areas of chemical manufacturing. Based on revenues from 2022, the largest chemical company is Johnson Matthey which are ahead by some distance compared to their competitors.

It is the second largest industry behind the machinery & transport industry. With it being the second largest, research and development would need significant investment which it is the national leader in with around £8 billion pumped into the industry for R&D alone.

In terms of performance, during the COVID pandemic, it was a struggle for companies in the industry as it was for numerous other companies in other industries. However, due to consumers switching from services to goods, the demand increased as chemicals can be found in products that people use in everyday life. Even after getting through the pandemic, the industry has faced more obstacles including high price of energy and raw materials due to ongoing war in Ukraine.

Chemical Industry
What EWFM can do for Chemical related practices:

Within our extensive product portfolio, we offer five ranges that are specifically designed for the chemical market: Swivel Joints, Couplings, Filling & Emptying Equipment, Breakaway Couplings, and Loading Arms. These products are essential for handling corrosive substances, which pose significant risks to workers.

Our products are designed as fully contained systems, ensuring the prevention of overfilling and the recovery of harmful vapours. The benefits of preventing overfilling are twofold. Firstly, it reduces costs by minimizing waste of raw materials, packaging, and transportation resources. Secondly, it enhances operational efficiency by optimizing production processes and minimizing downtime associated with refilling and recalibration.

Escaping vapours can be hazardous to both companies and their workforce. Our vapour recovery systems safeguard the health and safety of employees by reducing their exposure to harmful substances, thereby minimising the risk of health issues. Moreover, containing corrosive vapours helps preserve the integrity of equipment and infrastructure, preventing costly damage and ensuring longer operational lifetimes.

If you work in the chemical industry and are seeking a product to enhance your company’s production processes, we encourage you to get in touch with EWFM. Our team is readily available to provide you with expertise and tailored solutions for your specific projects.

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