Top Tips for Top Filling

Top Tips for Top Filling 4

Top Tips for Top Filling

With the HSE officer becoming more and more stringent on operator well being and safety, today more than ever, we need to ensure we are prepared. In this short “Top Tips” guide, I am going to advise what equipment EWFM has to offer to help working from heights.


Top Tips for Top Filling 1Gantry Stands 

First things first, how are we going to access the roofs of road or rail tankers? EWFM provide custom built designs to suit your requirements. Send us your operating layout, we will then design and send a drawing for approval. Our Gantry stands are made out of galvanised steel, include handrails, anti-slip flooring and steps. They are the safest way to reach that next level.

Folding Stairs

Now we have reached the top of the tanker it’s time to access the manhole on the roof. EWFM’s Folding stairs are ideal for this application. With hydraulic and Top Tips for Top Fillingpneumatic designs, they can be easily lowered down into place. The design allows the folding stairs to be stopped in any position meaning it can accommodate a range of tanker heights. Did you know that falling from heights is the most common cause of injury in a workplace? That’s why with all our folding stairs we strongly advise them being fitted with a safety cage. This prevents the chance of your operator falling from height and also makes them feel at ease.

Top Loading Arms

It’s now time to fill your tanker. After putting in the effort to get here safely and easily we don’t want to ruin it with the final process. Don’t make your operator lug a hose onto the tanker to begin filling, use an EWFM Top Tips for Top Fillingspring balanced loading arm. Our loading arms are designed in numerous configurations to make the filling process quick, safe and easy. With numerous Swivel Joints and Spring Balanced Cylinders they are designed to be almost weightless for operator use. Simply grab the ergonomic handles and pull the loading arm into position to begin filling. Of course, we also provide this as a completely pneumatic process should you want to remove the need for operator handling.

Overfill Protection

Everything is in place leading to the filling process, it’s quick, safe and easy, however, there is one more hurdle we need to think about. Once filling begins the last danger we face is overfilling. The operator may get distracted or begin to daydream and there’s chance for an overfilling scenario. This can make a right mess of your tanker bay or even potentially cause harm when dealing with aggressive medias. The quick fix here is to install an overfill protection device on the loading arm. This sends a signal for the pump to automatically cut off in the event the fluid reaches the top of the tanker. Of course, we can also provide vapour recovery to protect the operator from the fumes on request.

These are our “Top Tips” for a seamless and safe top filling process.

We always work together with you to ensure your satisfaction throughout the process, so get in touch with us today and start to build your long-term relationship with us, so we can help your business grow and operate safely.

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