Winter Olympics 2022

Winter Olympics 2022

Winter Olympics 2022

The 2022 Winter Olympics has been going now for the just under a week and the less said about Great Britain’s medal tally at this current time, the better. A lot of questions have been asked around the world as to why Beijing won the bid for this years Winter Olympics because of the weather China usually have this time of the year. Pictures from the event have shown a lack of snow in most of the venues and this is the first year where a host nation is relying on 100% man made snow.


The Winter Olympics:

In 1924, the first ever Winter Olympics was held in Chamonix which is in the southwest of France. In the first winter games only 250 athletes competed in 16 events, but since then it has grown in popularity both commercially and competitively with now more than 2,800 athletes competing in 102 events. Originally, it was called ‘Winter Sports Week’ but in 1926 the Olympic Committee renamed it to the ‘Olympic Winter Games’ after the success of the first event.

In 1964, the games were held in Innsbruck, Austria, but everyone was unsure if the games were going to go ahead due to the lack of snow. This led to the Austrian Army having to get involved, and they ended up delivering 50,000 cubic yards of snow to ensure it went ahead. The last winter games held in Pyeongchang had the lowest temperatures on record with it reaching -15 °C. The athletes would definitely need every winter warmer they could get with those freezing temperatures!


Drum Filling Heads:

In the UK, winter warmers come in all different shapes and sizes from clothes to hot drinks. If you’re a company that handles hot liquids or substances, we have the solution for you. The Drum Filling Head is ideal for the safe and reliable transfer of fluids, even ones that are piping hot! Our Drum Filling Head can be adapted to suit most requirements including the ability to be resistant from hot substances. This product can be supplied for drum filling, emptying or both and has various options to make your life a little easier. From signal switches which informs your workers when the Drum Filler is in use to extended lances that makes it suitable for all sizes of filling drums, IBC’s, totes, barrels, and casks.

The athletes at the Winter Olympics might not need those winter warmers this year but at EWFM, we ensure that companies can transfer those hot substances all year round with our Drum Filling Head.

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