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At EWFM we truly believe that our range of Swivels is the biggest on the market. We can supply Swivels from a ½” to a 72” Bore, in materials from Aluminium, to Hastelloy and Super Duplex. Whatever Swivel challenge you may have, our mission is to work with you and produce a great solution.

EWFM offer 5 main ranges of Swivel Joints. They are as follows:

Standard Swivels

The cost effective Swivel suitable for standard applications. Perfect for hose, loading arms, articulated pipework, hose reels and much more.

Our standard Swivels range from 1” to 12” with varying designs. Available in many different styles and configurations adopting 90 degree bends, see below:

Generally our standard Swivels are made out of Aluminium, Carbon or Stainless Steel, however we can offer more exotic materials on request.

Swivel Joint 2174 SeriesSwivel joint 2175 SeriesSwivel Joint 2833 SeriesSwivel Joint 3885 Series

Engineered Swivels

These are what they say on the tin. Engineered Swivel Joints are designed especially for each application. They are perfect for applications that are that bit more aggressive. Be it extreme loads, corrosive medias, high pressures or abnormal temperatures, we will work with you to design the perfect Swivel solution for your need.

Our engineered range is tailor-made for you. Challenge us with your crazy specifications!

Compact Swivels

Perfect for fitting in those tight spaces. This Swivel is what we believe to be the most compact on the market.

Available in sizes from 2”to 12” in Stainless and Carbon Steel construction.

Multiport Rotary Unions

Often used in hydraulics, these rotary unions allow you to swivel multiple ports down a common axis. These are engineered specifically for each project. The more ports the merrier so test us with your requirements.

 Multiport Rotary Unions           Multiport Swivels

Subsea Swivels

Are you working in the deep? If so, why not enquire about one of our Subsea Swivel Joints.

Subsea Swivel Joints stop stress and torsion on articulated pipework and hose while working at depths of down to 4000m. Quite new to the plant is the addition of an in-house hyperbaric chamber which allows us to simulate these external pressures.

  Subsea Swivel Joints          

We have supplied Subsea Swivel joints up to 12” working at depths of 3000m, the unique design allows us to work with applications up to 20,000 psi.

Applications can be reviewed by DNV or ABS as required.

If you have a Swivel application why not give us a go? We pride ourselves on great customer service and reliable high quality products.


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