Slovenian Case Study

Slovenian Case Study

Slovenian Case Study

We would like to share you with you a new interesting application for which we supplied Swivel Joints at the peak of the Pandemic earlier on in the year.

The enquiry was taken over the phone and was to supply 3 x DN65 Swivel Joints for a ‘Clean In Place (CIP)’ Hygienic Application in Slovenia.  We provided a quick quotation and GA drawings.  The specification of the joints was as follows:

  • DN65 Bore
  • Style 20 (Straight)
  • Stainless Steel 316 Construction
  • 2 Tracks of Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
  • 4mm Weld Ends
  • Food Grade seals

The customer was more than happy with the specification and technical support.  They gained confidence it was the right product for the job.  They then proceeded with the order and delivery was made within 5 working weeks.

The Swivel Joints have now been in operation a good few months.  As seen in the picture above the joint is used in the final stage of fragrance – powder packaging. When a spray drier (used to produce powdered fragrances from liquid ones) dries fragrances, they are packaged in bags on weight cells.  After each charge, the entire production line must be CIP with acids, to prepare for the next charge of different fragrances. When starting CIP, acids are flushed down the entire production line.  At the end of the line are filling bags with no easy way to collect the CIP medium, which is very corrosive.

That’s where our Swivel Joints come in to play, the arm seen in the pictures is simply rotated under the filling socket, connected with a flexible joint to the filling line and then used to return the CIP medium from the end of the production line back to the collecting tank. When production is active, the joint and the CIP return line are neatly tucked away on the wall, as shown on all of the pictures.

Quality was paramount in this project to the corrosive nature, the customer is extremely satisfied and provided EWFM with the following testimonial ‘The swivels work excellent; we haven’t had any complaints from the end client regarding any of the three joints’

We are proud to have another happy customer in a new application.  Should you have a similar or new application requiring EWFM products please do get in touch with us today by:

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