EWFMs 2023 Wrapped

EWFMs 2023 Wrapped

EWFMs 2023 Wrapped

Happy New Year, everyone! We’re thrilled to kick off 2024 with a reflection on the incredible journey that 2023 was for EWFM. From the introduction of exciting new product ranges to the expansion of our talented team and the thrill of exhibiting at international shows, it’s been a year filled with milestones and growth.

Join us as we unwrap the highlights of the past year in our latest blog.

EWFMs 2023 Wrapped
EWFMs 2023 Wrapped
EWFMs 2023 Wrapped
EWFMs 2023 Wrapped
EWFMs 2023 Wrapped
Top Products Sold:

The numbers are in, and it’s no surprise that our most sought-after products in 2023 were the reliable and versatile Standard and Engineered Swivel Joints, securing the top spot on the sales charts. Following closely behind, our extensive MannTek Couplings range claimed a well-deserved second place. The podium was completed with our Filling and Emptying Equipment taking third and fifth positions, while our Loading and Unloading Arms claimed a solid fourth place.

Countries sold to:

In a testament to our global reach, EWFM proudly served customers in 39 countries throughout the year. From the scenic landscapes of New Zealand to the bustling city-state of Singapore, and from the vibrant markets of Mozambique and Tanzania to the Nordic charm of Denmark, and the historical allure of Malta, our products found their way across the globe.

Most Enquired Products:

In 2023, EWFM experienced a substantial 39.07% increase in enquiries compared with the previous year. This surge in interest can be attributed to the introduction of new product lines, participation in exhibitions, and an expanded number of site visits. Swivel Joints led the pack as the most inquired-about product, closely followed by Loading & Unloading Arms, Couplings, Engineered Delivery Nozzles, and the newer addition to our range, Floating Roof Storage Tank Seals.

Our enquiries spanned the globe, with significant interest from countries and continents such as England, the Middle East, Scotland, Africa, and the USA. Additionally, we welcomed inquiries from new territories, including Panama, Kazakhstan, Guatemala, and the charming St Martins.

Employees Hired:

In response to the record number of enquiries in 2023, EWFM welcomed a new member to the sales team. Jess, who joined in May, has made remarkable progress in understanding the intricacies of our diverse product range and has effectively managed interactions with numerous customers. Her quick adaptation and valuable contributions have made her an integral part of the EWFM team in a relatively short time!

Trade Shows Exhibited at:

In 2023, EWFM ventured into new territories by exhibiting at two trade shows. The journey began in mid-March, with the team making their way to Rotterdam for StocExpo. This marked a significant milestone as the team transitioned from being visitors to active participants. The show proved highly successful, fostering new connections, and strengthening existing relationships with customers.

Later in September, the annual visit to the Coventry Building Society Arena for the Tank Storage Conference and Exhibition took place. This marked the fifth consecutive year of EWFM’s presence at the event, and it was another triumph. The TSA-organised event reached such high attendance that, at one point, they had to restrict entry due to maximum capacity—a testament to the show’s success.

A sincere thank you to everyone who contributed to making 2023 an outstanding year for EWFM. In the upcoming blog next week, we’ll explore what exciting prospects 2024 holds for EWFM.

Contact information:

Tel          : +44 (0) 1763 248650

Email     : [email protected]

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