20” Marine Swivel for Southeast Asia

Marine Swivel

20” Marine Swivel for Southeast Asia

Recently despatched to Singapore for a UK based customer, this 20” Style 20 Carbon Steel Marine Swivel Joint with ANSI 300 RF Flanges is to be installed onto a large scale fluid transfer system.

20” Marine Swivel for Southeast Asia

Supporting the offshore oil & gas and marine industries, these engineered products can be used on fixed platforms, jack-up rigs, drill ships and semi-submersibles. Typically flexible pipe is used to transfer the crude oil, or other media, and can be used in conjunction with hose reel systems, chutes or cantilever A-frame systems.  These systems include deployment and recovery of the flexible hose and also provide a means of storage.

Often used in harsh, even Arctic environments, the materials used in the swivel, drybreak and hose will be manufactured to reflect this.


This Swivel Application

Rated for a maximum working pressure of 20 Bar

PTFE main Seals and ASME 30016 RF Flanges

Crude Oil – 10m/s through a 20” pipe

This Marine Swivel Joint, as with the many supplied to the aforementioned customer, can be safely used for efficient loading or offloading, in various offshore and onshore applications. The swivel can be customised, manufactured and engineered to suit your specification and particular application.


Engineered Swivel Joints

Engineered Swivel JointsEWFM engineered Swivel Joints are a range designed for a wide variety of conditions and applications and, depending on which industry you are in, you may have the following requirements:-

  • Food & Drink – hygienic and high torque
  • Oil & Gas – heavy load
  • Nuclear – high temperature
  • Subsea – high pressure
  • Chemical – aggressive/abrasive media

Bearing in mind the size of this swivel and its application, we can supply all the relevant certification that may be required, such as:

  • Norsok
  • 3.2 Material Certification
  • DNV
  • ABS

Subsea Swivel JointsOther additional requirements may include; welding, say of flanges, Painting, NDE, or Factory Approval Tests.


Materials of Construction

Typically provided in Aluminium, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex, on request we can also supply in more exotic materials, including Monel, Hastelloy and Inonel.



In a range of configurations we can provide our swivels from ½” to 72”


Seal Materials

Normally our seals are PTFE, Viton, Nitrile, and Kalrez but if these are not suitable we can generally provide a seal better suited to your media.


End Connection

A variety of end connections are available including:

  • Threaded
  • Flanged
  • Weld
  • Hammer Lug Unions – and many more on request

Should you have a requirement for a Swivel to be used in a particular situation, or are interested in hearing more of what we have to offer, then either check out our full range of products at www.ewfm.co.uk, challenge Mike or Guy at [email protected] or call +44(0)1763 248650 and they will be happy to discuss and work with you.