Drilling Swivels

Drilling Swivels are an essential part of making the drilling process work smoothly and efficiently.  They are needed where a static and rotor come together to relieve stress and torsion.  Throughout the years EWFM have supplied many Swivels for different types off drilling, these include

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Hydro Mining
  • Offshore Oil Drilling
  • Fracking

Drilling Swivels more often than not tend to need engineered solutions to fit the drill or the space allowable.  At EWFM we pride ourselves on engineered solutions and have created custom swivels for various drilling applications.  the idea being, if you tell us the parameters and what you need then we will quote you a solution.  We quite possibly have the largest selection of Swivels on the market.

Drilling Swivels

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