Meeting Growing Industry Needs: Our Revolutionary Drum, Cask, and IBC Equipment

Drums, Casks, and IBC Equipment

Meeting Growing Industry Needs: Our Revolutionary Drum, Cask, and IBC Equipment

This year has been nothing short of extraordinary for our Drum, Cask, and IBC Filling/Emptying equipment, boasting a staggering 47.5% growth. The question arises: what’s been the catalyst behind this remarkable surge?

Let’s begin by pinpointing the crux of our Drum and IBC filling/emptying equipment – our Engineered Delivery Nozzles, Filling Heads, and Emptying Heads. These innovations are the backbone of our success, facilitating seamless operations within various industries.

The Technology Behind Our Equipment:
  • Engineered Delivery Nozzles: Available in manual and automatic designs, these nozzles feature a dead man’s handle for effortless flow control. The manual version requires the handle to be released to cease flow, while the automatic nozzle operates like a petrol pump, automatically shutting off when the container is full.
  • Filling Heads: Equipped with product, vapour, and overfill protection ports, our filling heads ensure safe operations through components like the Endress and Hauser Tuning Fork, preventing overfilling.
  • Emptying Heads: These heads facilitate reverse operations with product and vapor ports. Their long lance and level compensator efficiently draw products from containers.

Engineered Delivery Nozzles

Meeting Growing Industry Needs: Our Revolutionary Drum, Cask, and IBC Equipment

Drum Filling

Drum Filling

Drum Emptying

Drum Emptying
The Growing Demand for Safety:

Safety has become a paramount concern across industries dealing with volatile substances like Ethanol in the drink industry to acids in the chemical industry. The stringent health and safety regulations are increasing yearly and necessitate leak-proof, spill free and Atex approved solutions.  Luckily for us this has only seen a growing need for our equipment.

How EWFM Tailors Solutions to Your Needs:

At EWFM, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled ability to customise solutions that precisely match your industry’s unique demands. Here’s a glimpse into the extensive range of customisation options available:

  • End Connections: Whether it’s flanged, threaded, tri-clamp, RJT, or any specific connection, we cater to your preferred specifications.
  • Materials: From stainless steel to Hastelloy and various coatings, our products can be tailored using materials that best suit your operational requirements.
  • Vapour Recovery: Choose from options such as cone, threaded, or bung configurations for efficient vapor recovery, aligning with your safety protocols.
  • Nitrogen Purge: Ensuring enhanced safety measures, we offer nitrogen purging options integrated into our equipment.
  • IBC Adaptors: Customised adaptors for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) to guarantee a perfect fit and functionality.
  • Lance Variations: Tailor the length of the lance according to your specific container dimensions for optimal product extraction.
Meeting Growing Industry Needs: Our Revolutionary Drum, Cask, and IBC Equipment

This extensive array of customisable features empowers you to select and integrate components that seamlessly align with your operational processes and safety standards.

By embracing challenges and mastering the art of tailored solutions, we ensure that incorporating our equipment into your existing infrastructure is a hassle-free experience. Our commitment to delivering precision-engineered, custom solutions is why more industries are turning to us to enhance their safety and efficiency standards.

Conclusion: Tailored Safety Solutions for Industry Evolution

The exponential surge in our Drum, Cask, and IBC Filling/Emptying equipment finds its roots in the demand for safety-driven solutions across industries.

At EWFM, our custom-engineered approach ensures perfect integration into diverse operational frameworks.

This surge isn’t just a statistic; it’s a testament to our commitment to crafting safety solutions that complement and enhance existing workflows.

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