What has Santa put on his Christmas List this year?

Santa's Christmas List

What has Santa put on his Christmas List this year?

‘Tis the season of twinkling lights, warm cocoa, and the jolly laughter that fills the air. As we eagerly prepare our own wish lists and curate the perfect gifts for loved ones, have you ever wondered what jolly old St. Nicholas himself might have on his Christmas list this year? Santa Claus, the embodiment of holiday cheer and generosity, has been tirelessly delivering joy and presents to millions of households every 25th December without fail. Yet, amidst the festive chaos and the clattering hooves of his reindeer, Santa, too, has his own hopes and desires for the holiday season.

Thanks to Elvis the Elf, we have got a little sneak peek at what Santa might want this year, so let’s have a look shall we?

What does Santa want for Christmas?
  • Compact Swivel Joints – In the busy workshops of the North Pole, where pipework is intricately woven to send toy parts all around, a crucial component is the swivel joint. It ensures that pipework encounters no stress during the assembly process. In this festive setting, where space is a premium, the compact swivel joint emerges as the ideal solution. It stands out as the most compact design available, perfectly suited for environments where space is limited, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.
  • Model 750/740 Bottom Loading Arm – Santa’s sleigh requires a considerable amount of fuel to make its way to every house on the magical night of the 25th. The chosen model is EWFM’s most popular bottom-loading arm, with the addition of a composite hose that allows slight flexibility to reach filling points from various distances. Even Santa struggles with parking his sleigh in the right position from time to time!
  • Automatic Delivery Nozzle – Everyone knows that Santa is partial to a glass of his favourite tipple. Tired of the sea of milk during his sleigh ride, Santa opts for a quieter joy – a glass of homemade port. Crafting this liquor is a hobby of his, and to simplify the process, he’s looking for a nozzle to help fill his casks. The AZ Nozzle is a magical device that effortlessly fills his cask while also shutting off automatically to prevent any overfilling, especially when Santa is off spreading holiday cheer.
  • Gantry System Elf and Safety is paramount at Santa’s workshop, and he is committed to maintaining a secure environment for his workers. In order to ensure that his sleigh is filled to the brim with presents, Santa would like a gantry system. This system will provide the elves with a safe and stable platform, allowing them to reach specific heights with ease and ensuring a seamless and secure gift-packing process.
What has Santa put on his Christmas List this year?

If your wish list bears any resemblance to Santa’s this year, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated sales team. They’ll be more than delighted to ensure your Christmas wishes come true! The clock is ticking, though, as you have until the 22nd of December, when the EWFM offices will be closing for the Christmas break. So, you better ho ho hurry up and get in touch!

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