Wrap up and try to keep warm

Hot loading arms example

Wrap up and try to keep warm

The snow is starting to settle and temperatures are plummeting, it’s time to wrap up and try to keep warm. This is the case for many people but did you know many fluids must also follow this guidance.  EWFM provide loading arms for filling road or rail tankers with hot products. These are perfect solutions when filling endothermic fluids.

Some examples of these medias are:

  • Bitumen
  • Chocolate
  • Molasses
  • Sulphur
  • Asphalt


So what can we do and how can we help?

EWFM provide two main types of loading arms for hot products. These are as follows:


Jacketed loading arms are best described as an ‘arm in a sleeve’. Effectively you have a standard loading arm in the centre which will carry your media.  You then have another arm surrounding this which is fed with hot oil or gas.  In turn the hot media keeps your real product warm at the correct temperature.  We can provide jacketed loading arms in sizes up to a 4” product line.  Below you can see examples for the configuration we have available.

Jacketed examples


Electrically traced loading arms are our most popular. They are simply ‘plug and play’.  The arm is traced with electric coils that generate heat to the desired temperature.  Electric tracing is ideal where there is no possibility of a hot gas or oil line.   They also tend to be light and more ergonomic to use.  Unlike the jacketed loading arms these can be manufactured with up to a 6” product line.  Below you can see some examples of the configurations we have available.

Electric examples


Like all our loading arms, and not limited to our hot product range, the arms can be supplied with the following extras:

  • Vapour recovery system (cone /cover and flexible line with flanged end)Standpost example
  • Level sensor (pneumatic or electronic) installed on cone/cover or positional spider
  • Pneumatic control for vertical movement
  • Pneumatic loading valve
  • Pneumatic vacuum breaker
  • Insulation up to the final swivel
  • Device for locking the arm in the park position
  • NDT test (X-Ray-LP-MT)
  • Stand post
  • Safety breakaway
  • Check valve
  • TTMA sight glass


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