World Photography Day 2023


World Photography Day 2023

Get your smiles ready because World Photography Day is just around the corner on August 19th! With the remarkable advancements in technology, modern cameras and smartphones can capture high-quality images of nearly anything. Photography has become an integral part of our lives, serving various purposes. It’s a means to immortalise cherished memories, document special occasions, or capture the beauty of stunning landscapes. The scope of photography is boundless.

Statistics, albeit taken with a pinch of salt, suggest that approximately 54,000 photos are taken every second worldwide, resulting in a staggering 1.72 trillion photos captured each year! So, whether you’re a professional photographer or just love snapping photos with your smartphone, take a moment on World Photography Day to celebrate the art of freezing time through the lens.

About World Photography Day:

But what is World Photography day? This is a day dedicated to, you guessed it right, taking photos. It’s an annual global celebration that pays homage to the art, science, history, and craft of photography. Not just a single day, this event often spans a whole week, during which various events and activities are organised to honour the captivating world of photography.

One of the intriguing aspects of World Photography Day is its thematic approach. Each year, a specific theme is chosen, inspiring photographers from around the world to capture and share their best images related to that theme. This years theme is ‘Landscapes’. This collective effort results in a diverse and remarkable display of creativity, perspectives, and visual storytelling.

If you’re curious to witness this global photographic celebration and explore the captivating images that emerge from it, you can dive into the collection by following the link below:


The roots of World Photography Day trace back to 2009, when it began with a modest participation of 250 individuals. Since then, this celebration has grown exponentially, garnering the engagement of a vast audience exceeding 500 million people. It serves as a platform for individuals to raise awareness about important issues that matter to them and their communities. Through the lens, photographers have the unique ability to shed light on various subjects.

World Photography Day has also lent its influence to support significant causes. In past years, this celebration has been dedicated to raising awareness and funds for organisations like the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, showcasing the power of photography as a tool for positive change.

Some of EWFMs favourites photos:

World Photography Day is a perfect opportunity to showcase the visual stories and moments that have shaped EWFM’s journey over the years. Here are four of our favourites:

One of the Five 40″ Floating Suction Units in the Qatar Desert

Our Loading Arm and Step Unit in use during the filling of a tanker

A work trip to the beautiful city of Seville

EWFM Loading Arms on top of a rail tanker

If you have any of your own photos of our products in use, then please send them over to us as we always love to see them in action!

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