World Chocolate Day 2022


World Chocolate Day 2022

A day that is close to many people’s hearts, World Chocolate Day. Every 7th of July, the world comes together to celebrate this sweet treat. The reason behind the specific date is that it commemorates the introduction of the sweet into Europe in 1550. Statistics state that in 2020 there will be 453  confectionery manufacturing enterprises in the UK alone.

Some sweet facts about chocolate:
  • The Mayans are said to be the first to discover chocolate. In their times, it was believed that chocolate was worth its weight in gold.
  • Chocolate melts at just below human blood temperature, with milk chocolate having higher levels of cocoa butter, so it is more likely to melt in your hand, with dark chocolate likely to melt in your mouth quicker.
  • A study conducted by the University of Nottingham concluded that eating dark chocolate can boost the blood flow to certain parts of your brain, which will lead to an increase in duty and attentiveness.
  • The first solid chocolate bars were actually produced in the UK in 1847 by Fry’s.
Food Grade Swivel Joints:

While you are tucking into your favourite sweat treat or food, an EWFM swivel joint may have just been part of the journey responsible for getting that product to you. Our swivel joints are used for various applications and industries around the world, including food and drink. Our joints help with the flow of fluids through articulated pipework. Cleanliness and hygiene are important factors in systems that produce food products, which is why we offer food grade swivels in FDA approved materials and seals. Having a food grade swivel joint means that the material is safe for human consumption. Also it means it’s okay to come into direct contact with food products.

Don’t forget to treat yourself on World Chocolate Day as it only comes around once a year! But why not treat yourself to an EWFM Swivel Joint at the same time?

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