Case Study: Large Bore Hose Reel Swivel Joints

Case Study: Large Bore Hose Reel Swivel Joints

Case Study: Large Bore Hose Reel Swivel Joints

Imagine your garden hose on a reel but enlarge it by 100 times.  As pictured above this reel is situated on the stern of a boat offshore. These hose reels are used for safe loading and offloading both onshore and offshore.  The medias they transfer can vary tremendously these however can include fluids such as Crude Oil, Condensate and Methanol.  We have all been at a shipping port and seen the monster oil tankers, could you imagine emptying one with a small hose? I think not, these monster tankers require monster hose reels. The hose reels themselves can be in excess of 20 meters wide with the hose having internal diameters in excess of 20″.


So, what does this have to do with EWFM?

Well in order for a hose reel to work it needs to rotate to release the hose, this is where we come in. At the centre of every hose reel is a Swivel Joint. Large Bore Hose Reel Swivel Joints not only allows the hose reel to rotate but it also allows the media to flow through the bore.  It kills two birds with one stone.  It is the perfect solution for hose reel manufacturers. Over the past two years alone EWFM have supplied more than 14 large bore Swivel Joints for this amazing industry and in excess of 50 all time.  Some of our favourites are pictured below.  These have been used on ships literally all over the world.

Case Study: Large Bore Hose Reel Swivel Joints


So, what can we supply? And what’s so special about our Large Bore Hose Reel Swivel Joints?

Every large bore hose reel Swivel joint is made to order.  We build the Swivel Joints to suit your specifications.  Typical specs include:

  • Constructed from Carbon, Stainless, Duplex Steel
  • Flanged End Connections (ANSI 150,300 and more)
  • Marine Painting (according to the client specification, we can even paint Stainless)
  • Pressure testing (generally 1.5 x the working pressure)
  • Class requirements (Design and review surveys from the like of DNV, ABS and Lloyds)
  • Material Certificates (From IACS approved mills on request)
  • Documentation (ITPs, NDEs, CofC, COO and more)

But that’s not all. Due to our vast experience in the industry, not only are we offering you a product, but we can also offer you a service.  EWFM will consult with your design team and give advice.  We can provide drawings to fit in your application, advise on max loads (axially, radially, bending), advise on torques to turn and more. We are more than willing to work with class requirements and provide them with engineering to pass our Swivels.

All in all, we will work closely with you the customer to ensure you get the right solution, a cost-effective solution, and a high-quality solution.

Contact information:

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