Aviation Swivel Joints

Aviation Swivel Joints

Aviation Swivel Joints

Aviation Swivel Joints are used in aircraft refuelling trucks.  The swivel is the movable part that relieves hose or pipe of stress and torsion.  It allows easy and safe handling for the refuelling process.

Made of aluminium or stainless steel the swivels are of premium quality and long lasting, with the added advantage of being maintenance free.


Technical details
  • Sizes from DN50 (2”) up to DN150 (6”)
  • Can be used up to 16 bar (232 psi) pressure
  • Temperature range from -60˚C up to +180˚C
  • Available in either aluminium or stainless steel
  • High Quality PTFE seals
  • The flange connections are in accordance with TW / DIN / TTMA standards

EWFM not only supply to the aviation industry, we also supply to Oil and Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Drink and Power Generation.  Our swivels are used not only for aviation fuel but also for acids, whiskys, mud and many more medias.


See our Swivel Joints page for the full range, some include:

All Swivels can be customised, with many sizes, materials, seals, and flanges available.


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