The Fact Files: Access Systems

Fact File Access Systems

The Fact Files: Access Systems

It’s back! It’s time for May’s edition of the Fact Files. Previously, we have looked at couplings, standard swivel joints, engineered swivel joints, storage tank equipment, and loading and unloading arms. This month we will be looking at our range of access systems. Since 2003, EWFM has been supplying access systems to a variety of industries. Originally, we started selling folding stairs, but since then the product range has grown to six different products.

What are Access Systems:

Access Systems are safety products that EWFM offers that protect employees when they are working from various heights. These are usually used in warehouses and factories where tankers and lorries are present. All of our access systems are made in accordance with ATEX standards.

What is in our range of Access Systems:

Currently, EWFM offers six different products in our Access Systems range, which are:

  • Folding Stairs: A basic step unit that is ideal for employees working at heights. It can be constructed in either a manual or pneumatic operation and is manufactured in mild steel and galvanized. Safety cages can also be added to the design to add an extra layer of safety.
  • Folding Platforms: These are the ideal solution for when a worker is moving between a gantry and the top of a tanker. They bridge the gap during the loading and unloading process, which is where it gets its other name, the bridging access platform.
  • Gantry Stands: This is a structure that is fully customisable to fit customers’ needs. These are designed to give employees a safe, handrail-enclosed area that is at their required height. Depending on the customer’s requirements, pneumatics, hydraulics, and electricity can be incorporated into the design. It is a free-standing, self-supporting design that has handrails, anti-slip flooring, treads, and fastenings.
  • Mobile Step Units: The mobile step unit is perfect for workers trying to gain access to heights when there is limited space on the ground. Heavy duty locking wheels are used, which allows for it to be moved with very little effort. A safety cage is installed, which is situated at the top of the unit, which provides workers with an enclosed space to work for maximum safety at height.
  • Rollover Pallet Gate: The rollover pallet gate is used for unloading pallets quickly and efficiently. When in the closed position, it only uses half the space of the load. It is simple to operate and is manufactured for longevity.
  • Swing Arm Pallet Gate: This pallet gate is similar in its solution to the rollover pallet gate, but this has a counterbalancing system with no springs. It is a simple but well-established design with the ability to be erected at various heights. This is available in two widths: single and double.

Thank you for reading this month’s fact file on our range of Access Systems. If you have any questions or enquiries about any of the products mentioned above, then please get in touch and the team will be happy to assist you.

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