National Farmers Day

National Farmers Day

National Farmers Day

Today is National Farmers Day. A celebration of our farmers who dedicate their lives to growing produce, caring for livestock, and more. It’s only right to dedicate a day each year to honour their hard work. In today’s blog, we will explore the reasons for having a day dedicated to farmers and how EWFM can assist the industry in producing agricultural products.

About National Farmers Day:

National Farmers Day is celebrated on October 12th every year in the UK. The date varies for certain countries, depending on their harvest season. For example, India celebrates it in December, and South Korea in November. The first National Farmers Day was observed in Britain in 2020. People wanted to recognise and appreciate farmers for their hard work and contributions to the country’s food supply and agricultural industry.

Farming involves cultivating crops and raising animals to produce food and various agricultural products. It encompasses a wide range of agricultural activities and includes various types of farmers who specialise in different aspects of this field. The list of different types of farmers is endless, including crop, livestock, dairy, poultry, and many more.

How can you celebrate British farmers today? While there are no specific events, here are a few activities to show your appreciation:

  • Familiarise yourself with the skill of farming: Farming is not as easy as many people think. It involves a lot of time and effort. Learning more about it can help you appreciate farmers even more.
  • Support your local farmers: Instead of buying your food from big supermarkets, consider purchasing produce from local farm shops. Locally sourced food often surpasses what you find in supermarkets in both taste and quality.
  • Plant your own produce: Growing your own flowers or vegetables is a great way to connect with the idea of farming. You don’t need acres of space; a small pot and some green fingers will do the trick!

Wheat is the most grown crop in the UK

How EWFM support the farmers around the world:

EWFM takes pride in offering an excellent product range that can support farming operations year-round. Whether you’re running a smaller local farm or a larger agricultural unit with varying needs, we can supply the equipment you require. Our product range includes loading arms for moving produce, swivel joints and nozzles for dairy farms, water treatment solutions, and equipment for slurry movement. For larger farm sites, we can provide your storage tanks with protective covers to safeguard your produce from the elements and protect the environment, depending on what’s stored within the tank.

Three 3" stainless steel Swivel Joints with a 3" Male BSPT and the other a 3" Female BSPP end connection
A view of a Geodesic Tank Dome from within a tank
A Model 750 on site connected up to a Oil Tanker
Automatic Engineered Delivery Nozzle with a G3 vapour recovery system

If you’re in the farming industry and need high-quality equipment to support your business, please visit our website for further information. Alternatively, get in contact with our sales team who will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect solution to suit your needs.

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