Christmas Quiz 2022

Christmas Quiz

Christmas Quiz 2022

After the success of last year’s Christmas Quiz, it’s now time for round two! Who is going to be the champion and win this year’s Christmas quiz? Last year, our lucky winner took home a nice bottle of sherry to share with their family. You must enter the quiz by 0:00 am Christmas Day, and the winner will be announced on January 6, 2023! If there is a tie, we will spin the wheel.

As with most Christmas quizzes, where there is a prize, there are rules. Have a look at the rules at the start of the quiz!

It’s now time to get your quiz brains on and your clicker at the ready.

*By completing this quiz and entering your email, you are giving your consent for us to contact you directly. All those who do not want to be contacted please let us know via the contact information below. 

Contact information: 

Away from the quiz, if you have any queries on any of our products such as our Swivel Joints, get in touch with our Sales Team to discuss your next requirement wherever you are in the world. They will be delighted to help.

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