The Fact Files: Engineered Swivel Joints

The Fact Files: Engineered Swivel Joints

The Fact Files: Engineered Swivel Joints

In this second edition of the EWFM fact file, we will be looking at our range of Engineered Swivel Joints. Similar in its purpose to our standard swivel joints, it allows a pipe to articulate or a hose to rotate. Which in turn leads to preventing damage. A torn hose or broken pipework will generally result in costly downtime or, even worse, harm a nearby operator.

Our Engineered Swivel Joint range consists of Multiport Rotary Unions, Engineered Swivel Joints, Compact Swivel Joints, and Subsea Swivel Joints. These are usually used in large projects where harsh substances are being pushed through.


About our Engineered Swivel Joints:


Multiport Rotary Unions

Also known as the Multiport Swivels, the Multiport Rotary Union allows for multiple flows across a common rotational axis. Hydraulics, water, cables, or gases; these are just a few of the popular systems that our Multiport Swivels have been used for, which is also because they withstand pressures of up to 1379 Bar (20,000 PSI). Our Multiports are made to order, which has led to us, in the past, producing some extravagant designs.

Engineered Swivel Joints

The Engineered Swivel Joint is designed for a wide variety of conditions such as high loads, pressures, and high and low temperatures. In the past, we have sold these types of Swivel Joints to various industries that handle aggressive chemicals, abrasive materials, nuclear power, and food. Sizes range from 1″ to 72″, and they are available in a range of styles which can be found on our website. These are the ideal solutions to prevent early failure in hose and piping systems that are operating under extreme conditions.

Compact Swivel Joints

Do you have limited space, but a swivel joint is required? The Compact Swivel Joint is the ideal solution for you! We believe that this is the most compact design on the market today, and it is usually designed around the industry standard ASME 16.5 150 lb flange dimensions. This is available in sizes from 2″ to 12″, with the possibility of being manufactured in carbon or stainless steel 316L. In regard to the seal materials, we generally have three options that EWFM offers. They are nitrile, fluorocarbon, and PTFE. However, other seal materials are available.

Subsea Swivel Joints

Subsea Swivel Joints have a similar objective of reliving stress in pipework. However, this is specially designed to relieve the stress during laying operations (whether that be J or S laying) in subsea conditions. This swivel joint will reduce the installation time in subsea projects because it reduces bending, which ultimately prevents damage as the subsea equipment is lowered to the sea floor. In the design and manufacturing process, the DNV and ABS authorities can review the progress to make sure it is at the right standard. Previously, we have supplied these for depths of up to 3,000 metres with pressures of up to 1379 bar G.


Thank you for reading this month’s fact file on our Engineered Swivel Joint range. If you have any questions or enquiries about this range, then please get in touch and the team will be happy to assist you.

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