Aviation Refuelling Nozzles

Aviation Refuelling Nozzles

Aviation Refuelling Nozzles

EWFM supply a range of aviation refuelling nozzles.  Our range includes the G457 Hot refuelling Nozzles and standard G180 refuelling Nozzles.  Both nozzles come in a range of variations dependant on customer requirements.  These Nozzles are supplied to ensure safe refuelling, minimising the risk of damage to the aircraft and the operator.


Refuelling Nozzle – Model G180

EWFM supply the ALL NEW G180 series over-wing refuelling nozzle that has replaced the G457-240 series nozzle which has been in use with the United Kingdom MOD for many years. As a result of listening to the operators in the field and UK MOD engineers it now incorporates many new features and benefits. This refuelling nozzle is designed to be lightweight and comfortable to operate.

A Speed Spout system has been designed to give the operator the choice of which spout suits the aircraft. As a result it allows the spouts to be changed in a matter of seconds.

Spout configurations

  • Flared
  • 1.5″ straight
  • 1″ straight
  • With or without a bumper ring

Features & Benefits

  • Soft Close – This permits the operator to control the flow of fuel.
  • Bumpers – If the operator places the nozzle on the wing the contact rubber bumpers protect the wing material.
  • Designed for wearing heavy gloves. This allows the operator to wear protective clothing especially in cold weather.
  • Anti-FOD component design. The components are fitted with anti FOD designed parts
  • Light weight construction. The nozzle with 1.5″ spout, inlet check valve and the optional bumper ring weighs 3.15 kilos (6.95 lbs)
  • Ball bearing inlet swivel. This allows some rotation and facilitates refuelling.
  • Soft Dust Cap & lanyard. This is easy to fit and protects the spout.
  • Quick coupling Speed Spout design is easy to use and fast to change.


Hot Refuelling Nozzle – Model G457

The G457 hot refuelling nozzle has been in operation with the United Kingdom MOD since the 1970’s. The requirement for Hot Refuelling was identified as an essential safety feature permitting the aircraft to be refuelled with the turbines and avionics running. These aviation refuelling nozzles allow for rapid turn round of the aircraft, safely reducing the risk of injury to the crew and damage to the aircraft. In addition the nozzle is used in all climates and furthermore the hot refuelling nozzle is also available with a special extra low temperature design. As a result this tried and tested design has built up an excellent reputation for safety and reliability.


  • Construction material Anodised Aluminium
  • Proximity lever.
  • Automatic high level shut-off
  • Froth dissipater sleeve
  • Manual override button
  • Flow control mechanism
  • Inlet strainer: 100 mesh
  • Dust Cap
  • Grounding Wire assembly with Jack Plug and Crocodile Clip
  • Curved or straight spout option
  • Temperature Range: -30ºC to +52ºC
  • Low temperature design available on request


  • The material of body construction is resistant to fuels and vapours ensuring a corrosion free long life.
  • Fuel will only be delivered when the lever is depressed against the fuselage to prevent spillage
  • High level shut off therefore protecting the operator and aircraft from spillage when the tanks are full.
  • Froth dissipator allows maximum fuel flow without the shut off operating prematurely.
  • Manual override button is also a safety feature consequently protecting crew and aircraft.
  • Flow control mechanism ensures a regulated and steady fuel flow.
  • Inlet strainer stops foreign particles entering the fuel tanks
  • Dust cap keeps the spout clear of particles in addition to the strainer.
  • Grounding wire and crocodile earths the aircraft consequently preventing build up of static.
  • Spouts van be curved or straight depending on the design of the fuel inlet.
  • Lastly the nozzles can be used from hot deserts to Arctic regions.


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