National Marine Week

National Marine Week

National Marine Week

From the 23rd of July to the 7th of August, is National Marine Week in the UK. This event is held to promote UK marine animals and plants while also highlighting what we can do in our daily lives to protect them. The main three points of the wildlife trust’s push for us to take action are:

  • Do a litter pick on a beach
  • Conserving water
  • Using less plastic

As well as raising awareness, there are various events being held up and down the beaches of the UK. From yoga on the beach to beach cleans and sea safaris, there is plenty going on to celebrate National Marine Week.

What do EWFM do to help protect the marine environment:  

Here at EWFM, we provide a variety of products suited to marine and subsea environments, including:

Marine Swivel Joints: We provide a range of Swivel Joints that relieve stress and torsion in hose and pipework. This prevents freak accidents such as a torn hose which could cause harm to marine life due to unwanted product leakage into the ocean.

Marine Breakaway Couplings: These are used to prevent pull-away accidents, protect terminals, and again eliminate unwanted product release in marine environments.

National Marine Week

To find out more about the awareness week and see what events are happening around your area, head over to The Wildlife Trusts website using the following link: If you have any marine requirements for your company, then get in contact with our sales team who will be happy to assist you.

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