How to… maintain your Model 2174 Swivel Joint

Swivel Joint

How to… maintain your Model 2174 Swivel Joint

Welcome to a new series called “How to…” In this series, we will look at various products and how you can maintain them to give them a longer life. To start off, we will look at the Model 2174.

We advise that you check our Swivel Joints every six months to ensure that they are not leaking and that their manoeuvrability is consistent and uniform during the rotation process. To carry out maintenance, the swivel should not be in service, which ultimately means that there shouldn’t be any product in the joint.

Step 1 – Disassembling your Model 2174 Swivel Joint:
  1. Unscrew the ball plugs and the grease nipple on the female part.
  2. Block the swivel joint so that the holes of the ball bearing raceways are turned towards the floor.
  3. Gradually start to turn the male part of the Swivel Joint to allow all the ball to come out of the holes. To make this operation easier, it is advisable that you introduce compressed air through the grease nipple hole or alternatively, common solvent for grease such as kerosene directly into the balls raceway holes. (You can only move onto Step 4 if Step 3 is completely finished)
  4. Extract the male part of the Swivel.
  5. Start to remove the three “V” ring seals from the female part. Then remove the female adapter and the O-ring from the male part.
  6. Completely clean both male and female parts of any residual grease.
  7. Check that the integrity of both parts are still intact such as corrosion. If corrosion has occurred then refer to the manufacturer as this will require special attention.
Step 2 – Re-assembling your Model 2174 Swivel Joint:
  1. Block the female part of the swivel so that the holes of the ball bearing raceways are turned upwards.
  2. Using a brush and the specific grease, grease the inside of the female part of the Swivel Joint.
  3. Proceed to assembling the seals. Insert the spring (if supplied) onto the spring adapters and then insert it into the female part. The spring should lean on the bottom of the female part.
  4. Next, insert the three “V” ring seals one at a time which have been lubricated each with a little of the grease. After that, insert the female adapter.
  5. Take the male part which matches the same number on the female part and insert the greased O-Ring in its proper position.
  6. Using a brush and the specific grease provided, grease the outside of the male part.
  7. Then insert the male part into the female part while making sure you centre the seals system. Applying a little bit of pressure will be necessary to insert it. Ensure the relative alignment of the ball bearing raceways.
  8. Continue to push and turn the male part, then start to insert the ball bearings into the first raceway. They must be inserted continuously one by one to avoid extra space between each of them
  9. In case you have ball bearings left but there is no space left in the raceway, introduce a brass bar into the hole and at the same time turn the male part of the Swivel to compact the balls. Once completed screw the relative ball plug back in. Repeat this procedure for the second raceway and then screw the grease nipple in the relevant hole.

If you have any questions about the above or would like to order your own replacement seal kit then please get in contact and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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