Subsea Expo 2019

Subsea Expo

Subsea Expo 2019

At the start of February EWFM attended the Subsea Expo 2019 in Aberdeen. The Expo, the largest Subsea Expo in the world had over 6500 visitors from all corners of the world – a 30% increase from 2018.  Along with over 170 exhibitors this was a record breaking year and an exciting Expo.

The impact of the increase in the price of oil & of Government Initiatives leading to new investment in the Industry was clearly in evidence throughout the Expo and the great exhibitions, stands and seminars.  Subsea is once again a thriving industry with a wealth of expertise and great opportunities ahead. A long way from the downturn of 5- 10 years ago.

Neil Gordon, chief executive of Subsea UK, said: “From the conference programme to the exhibition floor, Subsea Expo 2019 clearly reflected the strength and ingenuity of our industry and the efforts that are being made to ensure the UK subsea sector maintains its world leading position for decades to come. 

Subsea Expo 2019Exciting new connections were made, good meetings were held and we are looking forward to attending the Expo again in 2020

At EWFM we have been supporting the Subsea Industry for over 20 years supplying our quality and long lasting products, these include

  • Swivel Joints
  • Marine Breakaway Couplings

All of our products are engineered to our customer’s requirements and we work with all of our customers as their partner to provide solutions and create long lasting relationships

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