The Fact Files: Breakaway Couplings

Breakaway Couplings

The Fact Files: Breakaway Couplings

We are at the end of October, which means it’s time for the fact files. Unfortunately, this will be the last one of the series, but we are sure it will be the best one yet!

The autumn season started off fairly warm here in the UK, but gradually the cold mornings and dark evenings have started to take over. We are nearly a month into autumn now, and it will only get colder. Before we know it, we will be breaking away into the cold winter season next.

Speaking of breaking away, EWFM is home to some impressive breakaway couplers that are suitable for a range of applications and industries.

About Breakaway Couplings:

In our current portfolio, we have eight breakaway couplings. We have three standard, four engineered and one loading arm breakaway coupling. A breakaway coupling is used to prevent pull-away accidents, prevent terminals, and eliminate unwanted product release. You can get two variations of the breakaway coupling, particularly in the MannTek range.

  • The first type is cable release. The release is executed by pulling out the locking bolts with the help of the cable. The locking bolts hold the two pressure clamps in position, which press both casing halves of the coupling together. A guiding pin set in between serves to ensure the alignment of the locking bolts. When the coupling separates, this allows the poppets to close. Product loss is minimised because the two poppets close rapidly, minimising exposure to personnel and the environment.
  • The second type you can get is the breaking pin variation. In this type, the breakaway coupling is held together by three breaking pins. Each pin has a calculated weak point that will break at a certain force decided for each application. To release the breakaway, the strength of the pin needs to be exceeded. This could be caused by internal pressure and/or forces applied to the coupling.
Standard Breakaway Couplings:
Engineered Breakaway Couplings:

Breakaway Couplings

A big thank you to everyone that has read our series of The Fact Files. We hope that it has helped you understand our current product ranges a little better. This is not the end, though; in the future we have many exciting products to share with you that will get their own fact files.

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