The Fact Files: Engineered Delivery Nozzles

Engineered Delivery Nozzles

The Fact Files: Engineered Delivery Nozzles

August seems to be flying by, and as we are getting towards the end of the month, it’s time for the next edition of the Fact Files. As we are in the summer months, we wanted to continue the theme of looking at products that aid breweries and distilleries in making drinks that keep the UK and world population hydrated. After looking at drum filling heads in the last fact file, we have decided to look at our other product in the filling and emptying equipment range, which is engineered delivery nozzles.

About our Engineered Delivery Nozzles:

Currently, we offer two types of nozzle, an automatic and a manual version, which we will elaborate on a bit more in the next segment. Sizes range from 0.5′′ to 2′′ as a standard for both versions. They are available in three materials which are Stainless Steel, Hastelloy and Halar lined, with other exotic materials available on request.

Our nozzles have been used in a variety of containers, such as IBCs, drums, casks, and barrels. In the past, we have supplied nozzles to the chemical, food & drink, pharmaceutical, and oil & gas industries, with the ability to supply them to many more.

Automatic Engineered Delivery Nozzles:

Similar to the nozzles you get at petrol stations. To use this nozzle, all you have to do is pull down the trigger to open the valve. Once the valve has opened, it will fill the container. Then once the liquid reaches the top of said container, the nozzle senses back pressure and shuts off automatically. This prevents overfilling and most importantly doesn’t waste that liquor.

Manual Engineered Delivery Nozzles:

The manual operation is as simple as pushing in a lever. The nozzle will then start to fill the container. Once full, you simply release the lever, and it will stop.

On top of the standard design, we have modifications available for our nozzles. These include:

  • Vapour Recovery
  • Swivel Joint
  • Extended Lance
  • Signal Switches

The Fact Files: Engineered Delivery Nozzles

Thank you for reading this month’s edition of the Fact Files. If our nozzles are of interest to you, please get in contact. Our sales team will be happy to assist you.

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